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Jennifer Lawrence Talks Butt Plugs and Bed Wetting With Conan – And I Love Her Even MORE


Photo: ETOnline

Forpitysake. JUST when I think I can’t think I love this girl more than I do–Jennifer Lawrence woos me again. Seriously. Who can talk about a “gag gift” of a collection of butt plugs AND wetting the bed at 13 and make you belly-laugh? I’ll tell you who, JLAW, bitches! Oh, and Conan’s expressions during the entire interview? PERFECT.

Watch with me, won’t you?

Dead. Laughing. Oh, and once again I’m going to mention how MUCH Jennifer’s personality reminds me of my daughter-in-law, Dayna. (She never reads my dorky blog, so I can blab all I want about this, ad nauseum!)

Day-Day and Alex (Felix's parents)
Day-Day and Alex (Felix’s parents)


Okay, not that DayDay (yes, I call her that!) discusses that stuff up there…gotta cover that base; it’s her enthusiasm, ridiculousness and the ability to make everyone bend in HALF laughing.

What are you LOOKING at??
What are you LOOKING at??

I know…as per usual, I can’t stay on topic, but if you only KNEW.

By the way? The New Yorker just named “American Hustle” their choice for Best Movie of the Year.   I still LOVE this clip and quote particular line every single day…NSFW.


“Thank God for me”. And Jennifer Lawrence and Dayna.