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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Welcome A Baby Boy !


Ohmygoodness. Congratulations are in order for the arrival of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s baby boy!


Photo via: @oliviawilde/Twitter

Olivia tweeted the following funny announcement and a lovely black and white photo of her with her precious bundle:


So…how do we feel about the NAME? Otis Alexander Sudeikis? Firstly, it’s a mouthful. Secondly? I’m old enough to always think of Otis from The Andy Griffith Show. You know, the old, happy drunk who would check himself into the jail to sleep it off?

Lord, I loved this show. I miss Mick Jagger Don Knotts as Barney Fife.

Oh, hi. Random tangent from the Resident Old Biddy, DivaJulia.  Shutty.

Macklemore On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine!



I squealed like a schoolgirl when I saw OUR SEATTLE BOY, Ben Haggerty on the cover of the Rolling Stone, which hits stands this Friday. In the article, he addresses his past struggles with addiction and the possibility of being considered a novelty act with the hit ‘Thrift Shop’ (which ain’t gonna happen):



“Haggerty, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, says that at one point he was so worried about being trivialized as “the ‘Thrift Shop’ guy” that his sobriety was at risk: “I went through a place of not being happy, getting put in the box of ‘This is a novelty rap song,’ and being like, ‘What did I sign up for’?” But the success of the pro-gay-rights track “Same Love” helped him relax. “The legacy that I’m leaving on the world is more than just a song about second-hand clothes,” he says.”


After catching my breath about Ben on the cover, I was all, “so where’s Ryan Lewis, for eff’s sake?Ryan was given the opportunity to discuss the issue of being in the background to some of the fans around the world (NOT AROUND THESE PARTS, LOVE!):

“I think on the mainstream level, nobody knows what the fuck I am. Am I the DJ? Do I make the beats? Do I rap? Am I singing on tracks? I don’t think a lot of people know except real fans who have been around. I mean, you guys, Rolling Stone, don’t want to put me on the cover. It’s like, you’re going to sell more copies with Ben’s face. Why is that? Because the general public, based on the way this whole thing’s been marketed . . . are going to be more receptive to ‘Macklemore.’ The public don’t care how the song came together. And I can’t change that. So if I have jealousy, deriving from that, then that’s just stupid.”

Don’t worry, Boo. We all know you’re talented, an integral part of MACKLEMORE, model-hot and you are NOT invisible. Unf. So don’t even worry, Sugar.


Macklemore is set to tour this fall, and tickets are selling right OUT, including a THREE-NIGHT STAND in Seattle at Key Arena.

And so we put our hands UP…” CONGRATS on the Rolling Stone cover, y’all!!


Brad, Angelina Take Their Older Boys At The London Premiere Of ‘World War Z’


Angelina Jolie made her first public appearance at the London premiere of ‘World War Z.’ since she revealed she had undergone a double mastectomy last month. She was there to support fiance Brad Pitt who stars in the zombie apocalypse epic. They were joined by their sons Maddox, 11, and Pax, 9, who will be taller than their parents pretty soon.

Jolie wore a custom, black Saint Laurent gown. Angelina told reporters she felt great, and had “been very happy to see the discussion of women’s health expanded” by her announcement. She also spoke with the BBC news saying, “What it means to others has really surprised me. The beautiful thing is that for us, life will go on. … It certainly brought our family tighter together.”

I think Angelina looks great, and more importantly, healthy. On another note, I’m pretty excited to see this movie!