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Backstreet Boys for Old Navy ‘Rockstar’ Skinny Jeans

Hate all you want; BSB is looking GOOD.


Everybaaaah-daaaay…rock your baaah-daaay.” I’m takin’ the stroll down Memory Lane, y’all.  I certainly AM.

Check out Backstreet Boys in the newest Old Navy ad.  (I’m stunned, too, that I’ve mentioned Old Navy twice in one bloody day–the HELL?) ANYcheapskinnyjeansthatIwear. These dudes look pretty gotdamn good.  ALL of them.

Listen, I was Team BSB back in the day (when I was too old even then to like boybands, but that didn’t stop ANY of us) and I own it.  I don’t think you could get all the members of  n*sync together in one room and say the same. Right?


And YES. I saw BSB twice in the year 2000. What. OF. It?

Backstreet’s back, ALL RIGHT!

Song of the Week – Dedicated to Seattle, ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ by David Bowie (With Trent Reznor) VIDEO



I thought the piece written by a Los Angeles Times reporter was an interesting twist on what’s been going on in this normally lovely and seemingly safe place called Seattle.  I don’t feel safe anymore.  I don’t want fear to rule my life, but I think about my loved ones…my family, and how we’d walk around every single part of The Emerald City without a single thought as to not making it home that night.



SEATTLE — In a city known for its post-hippie vibe — street fairs, vegan cafes and politics so earnestly committed to consensus that almost nothing gets done — Seattle’s violent spring has been a rough awakening.

This glacier-rimmed city that sees itself as an emerald refuge at the corner of a troubled country has been caught in a wave of often random gun violence that has claimed 21 lives since the beginning of the year—as many as in all of 2011.

Seattleites, we are losing it,Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat wrote Thursday, a day after the cafe shootings. He told of an email from Bush School — one of several schools that went into lockdown after Wednesday’s attacks — reassuring parents that the man seen in a black running suit with a gun wasn’t an attacker, just a jogger who wanted to be able to defend himself.

This is what it has come to: Jogging with your gun,” Westneat wrote. “But can you blame him? … We are a city on edge. A city now in full-fledged crisis. The mayor, the police and the feds need to quit bickering, sit down like adults — now — and hash out what, if anything, they can do. Because the people at this point are literally being caught in the crossfire.”

The Cafe Racer, a popular neighborhood espresso bar frequented by musicians, artists and locals near the university district, is hardly a gang hangout. Neighbors said they go in frequently for homemade soup, veggie hot dogs and free music on Thursdays.

“It’s just a really laid-back, low-key place. People bring their DVDs and put them on the player and watch movies, there’s a little lounge area upstairs. It’s not fancy by any means,” said Martha Taylor, who frequently stops in with her husband.

“It’s very peaceful, some people are reading, others are sipping coffee. … They’re jocular, exchanging conversation,” he said.

The barista, Pugel said, appeared to have “politely” declined to serve the gunman — whom police have not officially identified as Stawicki — at which point he looked around. As one of the patrons stood up to leave, the gunman pulled out one of his two .45 caliber semiautomatic handguns and opened fire.

A bystander Pugel described as “a hero” picked up a bar stool and threw it at the assailant. As the gunman turned and pointed his gun at him, the bystander threw a second bar stool, providing enough of a diversion to allow two or three people to escape through the front door.

The gunfire killed four, including two members of a local folk punk band, Joe “Vito” Albanese, 52, and Drew Keriakedes, 45. A cook at the cafe, Leonard Meuse, was critically injured but was expected to survive.

The violence continued half an hour later, police said, when the gunman fatally shot Gloria Leonidas, a mother of two from Bellevue, Wash., at a downtown parking lot. Then he took her Mercedes sport utility vehicle and drove to West Seattle.

Police found him there by mid-afternoon. As they moved in, the assailant shot himself in the head. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

No more.  No more false sense of security.  I don’t necessarily feel safe with the Seattle Police Department cruising around on bikes, horses and squad cars.  My feeling is that sometimes they are no better than the criminals who are ready to pop. You can read about the SPD and their issues with excessive brutality here.

Everyone is on fucking edge. This is NOT the gorgeous and cultured city I grew to love and taught my sons to love; now it’s just one more gotdamn reason to stay home.  And I hate that feeling.  Because sometimes we’re not safe at home either.

Photo: Kitsap Sun

Let’s not forget about the serial killer across Puget Sound, on the Peninsula, who’s still roaming around and killing people in broad daylight while bringing in their groceries.

I’m afraid SEATTLEITES.  I’m afraid I can’t help it.

‘Rock of Ages’ Official Trailer – Someone get me a barf bag? Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Julianne Hough


Here’s what I’d like to do: watch this “film” (and I use that term loosely) with the members of Poison, Joan Jett, Journey–(WITH Steve Perry) and Mötley Crüe, (even though their music isn’t featured in the movie–it would just be hilarious to hear Nikki Sixx’s, et al, snide remarks, à la Crow, Tom Servo and Joel from Mystery Science Theater 3000 ).

Okay. Y’all’ve been warned:


I’m gonna be givin’ y’all straightupness truth here:  I’m terrified of Tom Cruise. I don’t even need to explain why…everyone and I mean everyone knows what a GD phony, scary-ass, control-freeeeeak, mind-controlling zealot-y loon this dude is.  (See this Blind Item for more “proof”.)

Alec Baldwin did make me chuckle once during this trailer, but for Chrissake?  Julianne Hough walking down Hollywood Blvd. all innocent-like with a suitcase just the way Christina Aguilera did in Feather Boa “Burlesque”?  This entire thing looks like one hot steaming mess on the red carpet.  (Did I mention I NEVER want to see Tommy Girl shirtless ever again? I’ve got the “warm drools” and it’s on-deck…HEAVE!)

I can smell the rancid stink and this crap hasn’t even been released yet.