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Meet Little League Phenom Mo’Ne Davis

si cover

At just 13-years-old, Mo’Ne Davis has 70 mph fastball and has just made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Her team, the Taney Dragons of Philadelphia were unfortunately knocked out of the Little League World Series in a 6 to 5 loss against Jackie Robinson West of Chicago, another team I was rooting for, in Thursday night’s game. Even with the upset, Davis still left her mark on the game.

In the 68 years of LLWS, Mo’Ne is only the 18th girl to play, and the first female pitcher to win a game, ever! Though she is obviously a talented pitcher, she tells SI that basketball is real passion, saying,

To be honest, I never thought I’d be famous for baseball.” She’s also been trying to deal with her new fame, including interviews and signing autographs. “People were like, ‘Oh, there are going to be people running up to you taking pictures’ and I thought it was going to be a bunch of little kids. But it’s grown-ups! And that’s, like, creepy,” she said


Now that the hype has died down a bit, and the Taney Dragons were eliminated from the series, she can go back to being a normal pre-teen girl. I don’t think, as one national newspaper suggested, that because she is no longer playing that this is pushing women’s sports out of the spotlight. If anything, it made people–young girls especially–interested in a male dominated sport like never before, even if it was only for about 2 weeks. Hopefully all the girls inspired by her will want to pick up a bat or ball and join the boys next season.

You can read more of Mo’Ne’s story when the issue hits newsstands on August 25.

Happy Birthday, Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie, presented with a 'Maleficent' birthday cake in Shanghai
Angelina Jolie, presented with a ‘Maleficent’ birthday cake in Shanghai

We here at Dipped in Cream really do love Angie. We love her Hayseed, Brad Pitt, too. We love her kids. We love her French chateau. (I’m saying all that in Antoine (“Hide Yo Kids”) Dodson’s intonation, FYI.) But we DO love her!

The Beautiful One is 39 years old today. Let’s take a look at our girl through the years, shall we?


‘Maleficent’ – I’d actually like this photograph mounted and framed over my mantle. Too much? I don’t think so.


Angie rolling in the grass for Rolling Stone


St. Angelina


The first appearance of ‘Angie’s Leg’ at the Golden Globes


The perfect pregnant woman…


Angie’s super-short hair after completing ‘GIA’


Angie’s Golden Globe winning performance for ‘GIA’ on HBO


Our favorite Bad Girl Angie


And this is where it alllll began. Mr. and Mrs. Hotty McSexySmith

Angie’s Oscar-winning performance of Lisa in ‘Girl Interrupted’

Which Angie persona is YOUR favorite? Did I leave any out?

Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Crapping Her Pants And ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ With David Letterman



This. Girl. This hilarious, blabber-mouth-without-a filter-girl. Here’s the thing, Jennifer Lawrence is probably the ONE actress who men want as their WIFE, because she’s more than girlfriend or toss-piece material, and women want to BE or have as their BFF, right?  (I do need to squeeze in a shout-out to my daughter-in-law, Dayna–because I kept hearing her during this solid-gold interview with Dave.  Not many people in my life make me CRY-LAUGH…Day-Day does.)

Okay. Get yourself some popcorn or a bowl of L’il Smokies and barbeque sauce and get ready to belly laugh (and maybe crap your pants):

via CBS/VanityFair

Are you as DEAD as I am? I need to watch this on a gotdamn loop. Also? Anyone who tells the world she craps her pants is THE BEST. (Not that I’d personally know anything about having that particular sitch.  I totally do. Shut up.)

Oh, and say, for you people who are interested in The Hunger Games: What’s For Supper?the film opens tomorrow and here’s the trailer you’re already seen 8000 times.

Me, personally? I’m excited about Jennifer’s OTHER new film, American Hustle.  Watch THIS and tell me she’s not the best thing EVUH. (Again, very Dayna-ish…choke-cry-laughs abound.)


See how great that looks? And I’m stealing that line: “Thank God fuh me.