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Dipped In Cream Is In The Recovery Room!

Plastic Surgery

Ow. It hurts, but pain and beauty often go hand in hand, oui?  

Dipped in Cream is LIVE again, for the love of Pete. We are still bandaged and bruised and our stitches and staples are still throbbing. HOWEVER. We’re on our way to becoming TREMENDOUS. In my mind, we’re all staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, Italy while we recover.




Photo: via FourSeasonsHotelFirenze

(Just nod politely, mmkay?)

Bear with us while we’re still taped-up and eating through a straw, please?


The New Pope Better Not Steal David Bowie’s Thunder On Tuesday When ‘The Next Day’ Drops In the U.S.


I tell ya what.  I want March 12, 2013 to be All Bowie All Bloody Day in celebration of the long-awaited release of The Next Day.  


“Ashes to ash and funk to funky…”


I’m not interested in a bunch of old dudes in red hats and cloaks scurrying around all giggly like a bunch of 7th grade goons who have a big, fat secret that will relish lording over our heads.


Bowie’s Numbuh ONE, Bruv.


It’s Bowie Day. It’s Bowie Week. It’s Bowie Year… and it’s my time to scurry around in giggle like a 7th grader, so just MOOOOOOVE OVERRRRR.

Yep, I think the only way I’d have any interest if we were suddenly given yet another gift:

Ah yes. The Shroud of Bowie…
“May I ask, where might my Pope Hat be? I’m dressed but I do need my red Prada slippers?”


Let’s just GO with Papa Bowie.


President Barack Obama Singing Al Green ‘Let’s Stay Together” – SWOOOON

Sing it, Mister President...


Okay, here’s the bad news, Dipped in Cream is having some major technical problems, but I’m gonna risk posting this any-gee-dee-way.   Fingers crossed, and more money poured into this thing, we’ll be back up like usual.

But here ‘s a little good news–for at least Brittani and me.  Just LISTEN to this man sing. Who KNEW??


“The Apollo event was Obama’s fourth campaign event of the night in New York City. It was hosted by Tony Award-winning composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda with performances by soul singer Green and vocal artist India.Arie. Tickets were $200 apiece for general admission.


Okay, in my dirty little mind, I had a feeling POTUS could bring it.  So now, I want to hear him sing this to me, WHILE I smell his neck.

Shut up, all of you who think I’m being disrespectful or trivial about our President.  He brought this hotness on himself.  Let’s see you sweat over GINGRICH, forpitysake.  Those idiots tonight.

I’m gonna go hit the “replay” button on the video. See you tomorrow?