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Lindsay Lohan Crashed Porsche into 18-Wheeler on PCH – Hospitalized

Lindsay, driving her Porsche


Jeez, sounds like Lindsay is one lucky girl.  TMZ is reporting our girl smashed and totaled her black Porsche into an 18 -wheeler.

via TMZ: 

Lindsay Lohan was in a bad car accident and is in the emergency room at an L.A. hospital … TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan was driving her black Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway when it collided with an 18 wheeler.  We’re told the Porsche is totaled.  The passenger window was shattered and the rear bumper was fully off her car.

We’re told she did not go to the hospital by ambulance, although we are told an ambulance was called to the scene.

No word on her condition, although we’re told she seems ok.  Doctors are performing tests.


Yikes.  We’ll keep you posted.  Uhhh…she better have a clean system, if you know’msayin’.

First Photos of Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime Movie, ‘Liz and Dick’

Lindsay as Liz and Grant Blowler as Dick


I’ve been meaning to post this photo for a few days.  I just remembered–sorry.  I gotta say, Lindsay looks bloody gorgeous.  I don’t know who this Grant fella is, but I’m sure he’s fine.

If all we had to do was go by this photo alone, we could hope for a decent little made-for-TV movie.  Who knows?  Maybe Lindsay will go all method on us and let her crazy-rage-filled psyche come out and play.  Lord know, Liz had it in her personality.

Here’s another photo Lifetime has released that is quite pretty, as well.

Linds as Liz


Oh, and just in case you’re too young (or have forgotten), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne in ‘Twin Peaks’) made quite a lovely Liz in the early 90’s.

Wow. Sherilyn Fenn ALWAYS did if for me...


What do you think? What are your expectations?

Lindsay Lohan on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Photo/Video via NBC

Lindsay Lohan made her triumphant (?) return to SNL Saturday night with musical guest Jack White. Of course, there were references to her recent arrests and legal troubles but it didn’t feel like she was making fun of her very public life as much as it was recapping what she’s been doing since the last time she was asked to host.

Her monologue was pretty good actually, there was even an Emma Stone mention. I thought it would have been funny to have Linds play Emma since Stone played her in a sketch during her hosting stint. Maybe the writers thought that was too obvious. Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm popped up to help out. Lohan visited Jimmy’s show last week and well, Jon has a movie coming out on Friday, so there.

The “Real Housewives of Disney” sketch was the only strong one the entire episode and it was filmed. I won’t get into how I had an idea for this exact sketch! Kristen Wiig made for a great alcoholic Cinderella. Sadly, the rest of the show wouldn’t be this good.

The “Scared Straight” sketches are usually good, if only for Bill Hader breaking towards the end, but this was terrible. It was obvious that Lindsay, who was playing herself, was reading her lines off the cue cards, and she messed up a few lines that could have been funny. I won’t hold it against her too much though, and even though the entire sketch focuses on prison rape jokes, the most blatant rape joke made me a bit uncomfortable.

I don’t think this was the “comeback” Lindsay was hoping for, but hey, it’s something.