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Sam and Linds Together Again?!?

Lindsay’s skinniness at Sam’s Clubhouse!

Please, oh please, oh PUHLEEEZ let this be true:

“Seen here arriving at Samantha Ronson’s house, Lindsay Lohan might be back in the good graces of her gargoyle love, according to Us Magazine:
It’s the same mansion where Lohan, 22, used to live with Ronson, 30, — before the DJ had the locks changed following their breakup and Chateau Marmont blowout photographers described Lohan as appearing “calm…[but] happy.” They spent about six hours together.That same afternoon, Ronson changed her relationship status on Facebook to “It’s complicated.”

You’re goddamned right, “it’s complicated”. Did you SEE Lindsay on “Ellen” yesterday? HOT FIDGETY MESS. OhmyLord, Lindsay was blabbing endlessly about her, um, “career”, the tabloids (and how she’s “sooo not interesting”–I beg to differ) and her surprise (?) break-up with Samantha Ronson. Enjoy the nut-fest:

My guess is that Sam saw this and realized just how much she missed all of the intellectual discussions she and Linds used to have–that, and the Crazy with a capital C.

Lindsay Lohan to Mel B: "Um, are you accepting applications?"

Lindsay w/her finger and
two pair of ugly shoes
Linds, the Producer of “Peepshow”,
Mel B. and her hubby, so-and-so.

Popsugar UK is reporting:

“Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen and Stephen Belafonte were amongst the guests at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas to attend the opening of PEEPSHOW, Melanie Brown’s new burlesque-style show. Mel performs alongside fellow Dancing with the Stars alumnus Kelly Monaco, and although neither of them appear topless, the showgirls surrounding them do. Lindsay apparently told Mel she is “back on men” and left with a mystery man at midnight. This follows reports of Lindsay flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio at My House in Hollywood on Wednesday night. Sounds like she won’t need that dating service any more.”

This sounds like a low-rent Pussycat Dolls rip-off, doesn’t it? A couple of things: Doesn’t Charlie Sheen have newborn twins at home? Lindsay is “back on men”? Doesn’t she know we love her as a lesbian? Now she’s just some unemployed drunkgirl who’s way too skinny and loves doing coke. Nothing interesting about that. Where’s my Samantha Ronson? I miss her.

So Linds was in Vegas filling out job applications. I guess after she hit up Forever 21, In ‘n Out Burger and The Sapphire Gentleman’s Club (yeah, I’ve been there, what of it??) she thought she’d hit up former Spice Girl, Mel B. for a position. I am hearing Adam Ant singing again: “Desperate, But Not Serious”. I love that song. It’s a great reference.

Oh yeah..what is UP with Lindsay with the finger in her mouth? Does it makes us look at her first (yes), longer (yes), then wonder if it’s code for “I’m back on men“? (Maybe.)