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Jessica Simpson, For Weight Watchers, Covers People Magazine With Baby Maxwell

Jessica, Baby Maxwell and Daddy Eric


Jessica Simpson reveals her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson for the first time on the cover of People. Simpson tells the mag that life has completely changed for her and fiance Eric Johnson and they just “can’t get enough” of their baby girl. “From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!”

As if Jessica didn’t already have her hands full with changing diapers, she has just become Weight Watchers newest spokesperson.

 “We’re thrilled that Jessica Simpson has chosen to join Weight Watchers to adopt a healthier lifestyle and inspire others to do the same,” the company said in a statement.

Will this be Jessica by the 4th of July, I wonder?

The 31-year old is pocketing $4 million dollars from the deal and is hoping to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy within the year.

I wonder if she’ll be singing in her commercials like Jennifer Hudson.

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger SPLIT. Whaaa? No Way. (Eyeroll…)

Yeah. Feel that heat? Me, either.

This couple just never seemed real to me, so I’m not surprised that Beardly and Pinchy McLemonface “broke up”…just in the nick time for the premiere of  Cooper’s film, Limitless.  Any publicity is good publicity, and we know it.

According to US Magazine:

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger have reached their limit.

After less than two years together, the couple have split, multiple sources confirm to Reps for both Cooper and Zellweger had no comment.

Limitless star Cooper, 36, first met Oscar winner Zellweger, 41, six years ago on the set of their thriller Case 39 — but romance didn’t bloom until summer 2009.”

So, just a sidebar here:  Have you ever seen a “serious” actress pose as HARD as Pinchy does?

On the SIDEWALK outside Letterman.

Drives. Me. Crazy.

FEED ME! (Read: Don’t you know who I AM?)

“Tengo hambre!!”

What? Two Salma Hayek posts in as many days? Well…hold onto your, um..yeah.

Seems Mami Hayek was at the Chateau Marmont Hotel this week and was honnngray. She showed up without reservations to the snooty restuarant (the one where Rachel Zoe goes to not eat, and Jennifer Aniston goes to smoke), and expected to be seated and fed immediately.

Life doesn’t always work out the way we yell at it in Spanish to be. Boobi Tittez freaked out, screamed in her native language at anyone who couldn’t plug their ears until she was given a table once some poor, bitchslapped diners had finished their meal (read: pulled the stiletto out of the back of their head).

I’m gonna try that the next time I go to The Golden Corral. I can’t wait. Who’s in?