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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Causing A Stir On Harper’s Bazaar China Cover

What’s the problem?

I’m usually the first one out of the gate to make a snotty remark about the Sarah, Jessica and Parker Stables, but I don’t really see anything terribly wrong with the Chinese cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spring Edition.

It also looks like we’ll get a peek inside of her fancy Tribeca Stable Loft, as well as some of SJP’s favorite choices in exclusive hoof-wear by the very talented Iris Scheiferstein.

In fact, we found a few pair of Iris’s handiwork right off the runway racetrack…take a look, won’t you?

The White Front-Zip Hoof Bootie

 And your everyday shoe/hoof/bootie is everyone’s favorite, right?

Fantastic, really.

Hold on to your riding hats, because you will rear UP when you see the exquisite Tribeca Stables for Sarah, Jessica and Parker.

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

The life of an aging Sex and the City old gray mare is pretty fabulous, isn’t it?

Gaaaaaah. FINE. Here’s the REAL magazine cover that the whole world is flipping out over due to the alien-horsification of SJP.


Frankly, we did a more authentic job, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, AnnE Hathaway – Just Another Reason I Can’t Stand You


Leaving the plastic surgeon’s office, AnnE?


With the Oscars just a few weeks away, you can bet that all the nominees are headed for chemical peels, Botox injection, ass-fat injections and whatever else they inject their heads with right about now. But at least those other people have the decency to HIDE from the public.

Look at AnnE Hathaway up there, all Michael Jackson-y.  Lord, she bugs me. Like, under my skin-type of bugs.  The word “INSUFFERABLE” always comes to mind when I have to look at her, or write about her.


I’m willing to wager that she got that fancy face scarf at the Beverly Hills Equine Tack Boutique.


Today’s Blind Item – The Calculating SAG Award-Winning Actress Edition


This A list all movie actress was overheard telling one of her people in advance that “when she won” at the SAG Awards that she would do the “tears thing,” and then at the Academy Awards do the “humbled thing,” because she said she had to “keep it fresh each time so the audience doesn’t get bored.”

When her person asked if the actress would change things up if someone else won at the SAG Awards our actress said that no one else would win because if she thought otherwise she would not have bothered to show up and would have got sick, “like that other girl.”

via CDaN

If you read my SAG Awards post from last night, this should be obvious. You know what? Even if you didn’t read my venomous spew, it should be obvious. Bleh. Oh, and it figures.