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New Year’s Eve Was a Wild One -Cee Lo, Bieber, Lady Gaga, Anderson and Kathy!

Happy New Year 2012   –  Space Needle in Seattle

Photo Credit: Fallon Patterson

If you were out celebrating, or got too drunk on your couch, you missed what turned out to be a happening night on New Year’s Eve. I enjoyed Carson Daly‘s coverage of the festivities, better performances and better hosts. I couldn’t stand all of Jenny McCarthy‘s screaming over on ABC. While the night was sponsored by Nivea, her oddly smooth face seemed to be sponsored by Botox.

NBC had performances from Jessie J, Drake and the legendary Tony Bennett, but it was Cee Lo‘s rendition of John Lennon‘s classic “Imagine” that really got people talking. The singer took the liberty of changing an important lyric; “Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too” was changed to “nothing to kill or die for, and all religion’s true.” This sparked an outrage on Twitter from his and Lennon’s fans. Cee Lo tried to explain why he changed the lyric by saying;

“Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys! I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that’s all,” Green wrote. “I meant all faith or belief is valid…that’s all.”  

That did little to ease fans, as he continued to get berated. He simply responded with “F*** You! Happy New Year!” Ah, Cee Lo.  Everyone needs to just simmer.  Cee Lo’s heart was in the right place, so shutty.

Justin Bieber‘s cover of the song went over a little better, he performed it in Times Square with Carlos Santana. His girlfriend Selena Gomez celebrated indoors with MTV.

Ryan Seacrest once again took over Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, which was celebrating it’s 40 anniversary. There were some pre-recorded performances from Nicki Minaj, Florence and The Machine and a hip swiveling Robin Thicke. Dick Clark did show up a couple of times, sounding frail and looking overly tanned. He was, of course, still a better host than Ryan.(And why does his head so giant lately? Ryan’s looking odd these days.)

Gaga performing in a cage.

Not only did Lady Gaga perform in a bedazzled egg beater, she got to help New York mayor Michael Bloomberg drop the ball.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Lady Gaga kissing at the stroke of midnight -- let's start a rumor!

Then over on CNN we had Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin

Classic Andy and Kathy. I loved how they bickered as if the cameras (and millions of views) weren’t even watching.

Anderson? You KNOW that won't keep Kathy's mouth shut.

At one point while talking to political correspondent David Gergen, Kathy appeared on camera topless–well, she did have on a black bra. I’m sure we all wish that Anderson was one the one that had decided to take his shirt off.

Maybe for 2013??  Dem GUNS, Andy!

Happy New Year from DivaJulia  and Brittani ~ The Girl You Want!! We love you!