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Merry Christmas From Dipped in Cream – We Love You!

Christmas in Seattle

I hope all of our wonderful and faithful readers–I’m talking to YOU–had a perfectly wonderful Christmas filled with love, family and laughter.  We certainly did; and it wasn’t all about the gifts.  It was enjoying each other’s company and laughing and being so thankful for all of the lovely events that have happened throughout the year.  Not everything was perfect; but we learn by our misfortunes and mistakes, don’t we?

I’m very grateful for the blessings that have touched out lives–and you, our readers are so supportive. It means the world to me to have the support of all of you when I pour my heart out with personal issues, when most celebrity blogs simply deliver Hollywood gossip. Your comfort and strength truly give me sustenance when I need to vent.  I truly hope you know how much it means for me to have a vehicle like this to make such wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas From DivaJulia and Her SilverFox

Love to you all…. ~ DivaJulia

Happy New Year, Dolly Heads!! It’s 2011!

Happy New Year, Babies...from Crazy-Eyes DivaJulia

I want to wish all of Dipped in Cream’s fabulous and loyal readers — AND my perfectly hilarious, inappropriate, whip-smart and hot as HELL contributing writers (and my genius Tech Dude, Jon!) — a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Y’all need to realize that since last year at this time, we have — wait for it — QUADRUPLED our readership.  I love how we can all just say what we want, and y’all love us anyway.

My hope for all of you in 2011 is that you stay healthy, take care of each other, get that job you need, let your doggy sleep in the bed with you, grow a lovely garden in the spring, quit smoking, find that One Special Love, and smile at least once a day by reading Dipped in Cream.

ForpitySAKE, I love alla y’all.

Merry Christmas from All of Us at Dipped In Cream!!

DivaJulia (Mim!) and Felix!!

On behalf of all the silly,verbose and perfectly inappropriate Dipped In Cream Staff we are wishing all of our readers from around the world a wonderful Christmas!!

And thank you, Lisa for this masterpiece!

We are all hoping, too, that you love  Mystery Science Theater 3000 as much as we do…

And another vision of cuteness….

Those. Toes.

We hope everyone is safe, warm and surrounded by love.

I do believe Felix is the silliest Toddler in Town...