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Tommy Ramone, The Last Original Ramone, Dies At Age 62 – By Linda B.

Tommy Ramone, RIP
Tommy Ramone, RIP

My entry into punk (somewhere around what, 11 years old maybe?) was Road To Ruin. Tommy had left the band already but he co-produced that record with Ed Stasium. To this day it’s one of my top 5 of all time. But I quickly went back and discovered what came before it:  Rocket to Russia, Leave Home and of course, Ramones. The Ramones really snapped my world at a very impressionable time. They were IT



After Kiss crapped out when Peter Criss left and before I found Joan Jett, it was all Ramones all the time. They summed up all the raw energy of New York and youth and being disaffected and not giving a fuck and being loud as fuck. I loved this band dearly and I still do. They helped me get through all the rough growing up stuff. Each time one of them passes is like punch in the gut.



Rest in peace, Tommy. Thank you for helping shape my life. I can’t believe all you originals are gone now…


Courtney Love is 50 Today, You People – By Guest Contributing Writer Mary, Behind the Red Curtain


Courtney Love, everyone’s nightmare wife, is turning 50 today, the same day I hear the news that Ryan Gosling, everyone’s perfect boyfriend*, will have a child with Eva Mendes. How God could fill my head with so much conflicting news in one day… Courtney, still thinking she can reclaim her title of Rock Queen/Queen Bitch, perennially down for the count, downed by drugs, drowned by alcohol, downed by narcissism and madness- forced to watch stupider, more reasonable women take the crown she wore on “Live Through This”.

Every year a rumored triumphant return, every year a let down. Meanwhile Ryan has found a women worthy of love and impregnation, a woman who will not be smoking, shooting up, and giving foul mouthed interviews to Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair while she has a child In Utero. No, an actress of some talent, Eva will be looking more and more like a blow-up Sophia Loren until her waist disappears and she has to wear sensible flats while Ryan adorably accompanies her to Lamaze class.


As a former punk fighting to age without displaying too much dignity, I root for Courtney every time she dusts herself off. As a proud grandmother, myself, I am happy there will be one more Love child and one less Son of Anarchy.

Now all the women sing along with us! One more…

And how ’bout an round of applause for our Gorgeous Mary…over there. Behind the David Lynchian red velvet curtain.

Mary, Queen of Drapes
Mary, Queen of Drapes

Adam Ant, Live in Manchester! Guest Reviewer, Ashleigh From The U.K.

Ashleigh (ME!) with Adam Ant!
Ashleigh (ME!) with Adam Ant!

Good ol’ Prince Charming is back on the road for a short tour! After cancelling a handful of 2014 dates across the UK and Germany, Adam Ant took centre stage for the first time this year in Manchester!

Complete white stripes across our face, we all waited eagerly for the time where Adam Ant would Stand and Deliver a fantastic performance on stage.  Arriving 45 minutes late, a leather-clad Adam finally took to the stage. Greeted by the crowd’s roars of delight, he posed for pictures and delved straight into the longer version of ‘Cartrouble’.

Complete with pelvic thrusts and crotch grabs – his constant sexual stage presence caused screams left, right and centre. Tearing off his leather jacket, he revealed the ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ vest top underneath. Over various songs, he teased the crowd by ripping his shirt little by little. Much to the ladies delight with one last tear, it ripped completely in half – and wore it like a waist jacket.

Focusing on titles from his heavier post-punk album, ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’, this gig displayed a lot of attitude. From ‘Day I Met God’ to ‘Cleopatra’, he told the audience that the album is “supposed to make you feel uncomfortable”.

The starting selection of songs had the fans dying to hear the hits, which started with an exciting, up-tempo version of ‘Stand and Deliver’. The tempo change in songs was fitting to the overall, raw punky feel of the show.

One of the highlights of the concert was his passionate performance of ‘Wonderful’. It was a beautiful rendition, and an emotional crowd swayed a long in awe. He then went on to sing more familiar songs such as ‘Kings of The Wild Frontier‘ and ‘Goody Two Shoes‘!

Video via YouTube

By the end of it all, the crowd was DESPERATE (and extremely serious!) to hear ‘Prince Charming’… and that’s exactly what they got! [Everyone danced the ‘Prince Charming’ too!]

Adam ended the fabulous night with a very sensual performance of ‘Physical’ before leaving the stage as his band played him off. It was an amazing show, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

This is the setlist in order:

  1. Cartrouble (Parts 1 And 2)
  2. Digital Tenderness
  3. Nine Plan Failed
  4. Day I Met God
  5. Tabletalk
  6. Cleopatra
  7. Stand And Deliver
  8. Antmusic
  9. Vive Le Rock
  10. Deutscher Girls
  11. Wonderful
  12. Kings of the Wild Frontier
  13. Kick!
  14. Goody Two Shoes
  15. Desperate But Not Serious
  16. Zerox
  17. Prince Charming
  18. Physical (You’re So)