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‘Glee’ Says Goodbye To Cory Monteith


Photos: FOX/Glee

The cast and crew of ‘Glee’ were faced with the difficult task of not only bidding farewell to a main character, but the actor who played him. When Cory Monteith died in July the show went on a brief hiatus as they figured out how to rewrite the season and deal with his death. For ‘The Quarterback,’ they came up with an emotional and touching look at how the characters, and actors, grieved for the loss of a friend.

A month after his funeral, Mr. Schue gathered present and former members of New Directions to remember Finn. Emma is doing her best to help students cope, but can’t help but notice that Will hasn’t cried himself. Coach Sue hides her pain behind her icy veneer, which results in an argument with Santana who tells her that she and Finn both hated her. Kurt, his dad Burt and Finn’s mom have naturally been hit the hardest. I couldn’t help but tear up as Mike O’Malley talked about how he wish he had hugged Finn more. Kurt takes to wearing Finn’s football jacket, a cherished item that Puck begs him for and later he gives to Santana. The jacket is then stolen by Will, perhaps the only character who didn’t speak about any personal moments, who finally releases his tears to Emma.

We don’t get to see Rachel until the last 20 minutes of the episode when she returns to Lima to see the memorial that has been put at Finn’s old locker. When I first heard of Cory’s death, I instantly thought of Lea Michele, as I’m sure many people did, and how she would be taking the news. Rachel and Finn have always been at the center of the show. A “will they or won’t they” romance that unfortunately didn’t last beyond high school.


Mr. Schue and Rachel
Mr. Schue and Rachel


Rachel tells Will that Finn knew she loved him and that he was “her person.” Michele’s and Monteith’s relationship may have been a bit shaky in real life as well, but it was on of those moments where reality and fiction mixed and it felt like the cast was breaking the fourth wall and saying their last goodbyes to Cory.

Though it featured some sentimental moments, it was not a perfect episode as the second half of it dragged. For one, we never learned how Finn died. They could have easily written a car accident, or given Finn the end that Cory met. The show has never been particularly sensitive, or even all that smart, about certain touchy subjects, but it would have given them a chance to address substance and drug abuse in a real way. I would have liked more statements from the current underclassmen of New Directions, who might not have known Finn the way the old members did but he was still a mentor to them. Missing were Brittany, (Heather Morris recently gave birth to a baby), and Quinn (Dianna Agron, who apparently wasn’t even invited) which felt a little off, especially since Quinn and Finn were a couple. 

I gave up on ‘Glee’ last season, and I saw many others who had abandoned the show joining in to watch. I don’t know if we felt like it was important to do so, and I can’t say that it was “must-see” tv, but I think there was a sense that we also needed to say goodbye to Finn. He wasn’t always a likable character, and he wasn’t the best singer or dancer, but to the those who knew him and loved him, and pretended to hate him, he was important to the group and Cory was important to show. So it was a fitting tribute for a friend and co-star.

Glee Recap, ‘Glee Actually’


This was one of the oddest, and frankly most boring, episodes that ‘Glee’ has ever produced. Shame since they could have done a lot. Past holiday episodes have seen the kids decking the halls and singing for the school but this episode imagined if there was no New Directions and Sue stops being a Grinch for once and helps someone else. The latter was actually a good thing.

Like the movie the episode takes it’s title from, there were a couple of mini stories that focused on some of the characters. Artie hits his head on the ice and fantasizes about if the car accident that put him in his wheelchair never happened, which meant that New Directions would have never existed.

In this black and white universe, Mr. Schue is still unhappily married to Teri and a bit of an alcoholic. Puck and Finn are bullies and Kurt and Rachel are meek geeks. It’s a little depressing, but luckily he comes to and everything returns back to normal. Burt travels to New York to tell Kurt that he has prostate cancer, but it was caught early. The two share a little quality time with each other, and the show reminds me that even though it has messed up a lot of the characters, Burt is still a great dad. Also visiting NYC is Blaine, who surprises Kurt at the skating rink. Question is, was Kurt really all that happy to see him?

Back at McKinley, Marley’s mother Millie wants to help her daughter overcome her eating disorder with counseling, which means every little penny she earns won’t be going to buy a Christmas tree. Luckily for them, Sue draws Millie’s name from the Secret Santa hat and decides to help out the family by breaking into their home in the middle of the night to deliver a tree and presents. Wouldn’t be Christmas without some good old fashioned burglary.

Sam and Brittany continue to be idiots by deciding to get married before the Apocalypse happens on the 21st. When they wake up on the 22nd and realize they’re still alive, and that Coach Bieste really isn’t an ordained Mayan minister. Okay, that was actually pretty funny, as was Brittany giving out expensive gifts, but overall the Sam/Brittany pairing still doesn’t really make sense.

Jake meets up with his brother in L.A., where he thinks Puck is living a lavish lifestyle. Turns out he’s just a pool cleaner and not a screenwriter, which crushes Jake’s dreams of moving out West like his big bro. The two head back to Lima where they share a dinner with their moms at Breadstix and bond over the fact that their dad was a loser. See, it all works out in the end.

“Feliz Navidad” sung by Artie. In his fantasy, Artia has full use of his legs and he uses them to dance his ass off during this classic holiday number. I will never get over the fact that the second best male dancer (the first would be Harry Shum Jr.) on the show was put in a wheelchair.

“White Christmas” sung by Blaine and Kurt. After Blaine reveals his plans to apply to NYADA, they take to the rink for their annual Christmas Duet. I think they should have collaborated on Wham‘s “Last Christmas” but I don’t write this show and they might have already done that song…

“Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah” sung by Puck and Jake. The Puckerman brothers float around the Paramount lot with guitars in hand singing about the joys of the Hanukkah. They are half Jewish, don’t ya know.

“Jingle Bell Rock” sung by Sam and The Cheerios. Sam proposes to Brittany after this number, and she says yes. I wonder if the Mayan Apocalypse was the reason behind all those people getting hitched on 12/12/12.

“The First Noel” sung by Marley. Marley can’t afford to buy her mother anything for Christmas, but she can give her the gift of song for the holidays. It was a heartfelt, and well sung, present.

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” sung by KurtPuck and New Directions. To thank Sue for her generosity, the group sings to her, which she knew was coming. You have to admit, the snowy stage setup and everyone dressed in all white was pretty cute.

Glee Recap, ‘Swan Song’


Glee’ just feels like a repeat of a repeat these days. The kids lose a competition, then lose all their confidence and then regain it all in the span of 45 minutes. It’s a lot less fun the 100th time around.


In New York, Rachel has recieved one of the 10 “Golden Tickets” to perform in NYADA’s Winter Showcase. She still has to deal with arch nemesis Cassandra in her dance class though, and here is where I wonder where Ryan Murphy‘s obsession with mediocre  blonde actresses started.

Kurt’s audition doesn’t go as well as Rachel’s performance because he lacks the soul Ms. Tibideaux is looking for. After finally realizing that he doesn’t need all the glitz and glam to be a great performer, he strips down his next performance and earns a spot in NYADA’s Spring classes.

At McKinley, New Directions lose Sectionals to The Warblers and Sue takes the opportunity to kick them out of the choir room. Despite all of those meddling kids, she finally got away with it. Her victory is bittersweet until she learns that the piano player Brad has apparently been suffering all these semesters playing for kids. It only took four seasons for the piano guy to get lines.

When Finn breaks the news to the group that they are done, they all go off to find other clubs to join. Tina and Blaine become Cheerios, Wade joins the field hockey team, Jesus Loving Joe is into paintball and Ryder and Jake reluctantly join the basketball team. Even though he tries to give them all a pep talk, these kids are dumb and fickle and want to move on. The only one who still believes in the club is Marley, who helps Finn find a new practice space. He also gets a phone call from Rachel telling him to not give up on New Directions.

Meanwhile, Sam and Brittany have been moving on from their past loves with each other. They’re both blonde and dimwitted so I guess this makes sense. Brittany decides that she can handle the wrath of the lesbian bloggers and asks Sam out on a date.

“Something Stupid” sung by Brittany and Sam. Maybe this was supposed to be a joke on their combined IQs, but this actually wasn’t that bad. I don’t look forward to more duets by these two though.

“All That Jazz” sung by Rachel and Cassandra. As Rachel and Cassie square off AGAIN, this woman needs to grow up or get a different job, they go at it Chicago style. Kate Hudson is just an ok singer, so even if Cassie is supposed to be a better dancer than Rachel, there’s no doubt that Berry would beat Hudson in a sing-off.

“Being Good Isn’t Good Enough” sung by Rachel. This is something the old Rachel should be singing, right? You can always count on her to bust a big Barbra Streisand number when she needs to make a point.

“O Holy Night” sung by Rachel. She uses this as her NYADA showcase song, which goes over well with the audience, especially Brody. This also makes Kurt realize that some of the best performances are no frills.

“Being Alive” sung by Kurt. After being told to essentially tone it down, Kurt sings for Carmen Tibideaux again with an emotional performance that showcases his voice and not his clothes.

“Don’t Dream It’s Over” sung by Finn and New Directions. Finn is finding out how hard it is to keep ND together. Marley suggests they sing out in the courtyard, even though it’s winter and freezing out, and at first they think no one else shows but the group comes together in the end.