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Robin Williams Commits Suicide – BREAKING NEWS

Robin Williams, Dead at 63 By Apparent Suicide
Robin Williams, Dead at 63 By Apparent Suicide

Good God. Robin Williams is dead of an apparent suicide by asphyxiation. Williams had been battling severe depression and had recently checked into rehab for alcohol abuse. Police reported  that Williams was found unconscious around noon in his home in Tiburon, California, north of San Francisco, after responding to a 911 call.



via HuffPo:

“Williams was best known for his starring roles in classic comedies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning, Vietnam and Jumanji, but also in dramas like Dead Poets Society. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dr. Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting. He rose to fame while playing Mork the alien in the TV show Mork & Mindy, a Happy Days spinoff.

Most recently, Williams had starred in the new CBS sitcom ‘The Crazy Ones.’ It was cancelled after just one season. At his time of death, a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire was in the works.

Susan Schneider, the actor’s wife, released the following statement to the New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff:

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope that the focus will not be on Robin’s death but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

As our own Taylour Chanel so eloquently writes (below) of how depression is REAL (and how it can get the best of us), I will include myself in the full knowledge of the creeping, deep darkness of Clinical Depression. Personally, I suffer from PTSD (stemming from childhood abuse) and I, too realize how this torment can just be overwhelming at times. We hear people say, “snap out of it!” or “what do YOU have to be depressed about?“–and I pray that someday we won’t hear those unkind, thoughtless words thrown around so carelessly.

Depression needs to be discussed in school–maybe then it won’t have such a stigma attached. Perhaps a suffering young person will TELL teacher or counselor about their inner turmoil. Otherwise, depression sufferers will continue to self-medicate, put on a happy public face, then crash. Don’t ignore the early signs if they are presented to you. — Julia

Commentary By: Taylour Chanel, Beauty Editor for Dipped in Cream

“I don’t know why this was the first reaction I had to Robin Williams’s death, but here goes. All of you should know by now that I rarely post, much less about celebrity-related things. Look, I’m not going to sit here and act like I knew him, or the scope of his influence, or memorable movies, I’m not like that. But, what did hit home was how he passed. I had such a genuine emotional reaction that it surprised even me, but, I cried. Not because of Robin Williams himself (okay maybe a little,) but because suicidal thoughts are such a real, and honest struggle that so many people deal with.

Truth be told, that since last year I have been having the most intense battle with depression and panic/anxiety I have ever had. If it weren’t for the small number of people closest to me as well as starting my business, I hate to even say this to the whole interwebs- but I truly don’t know if I would be here today. For me, depression is an illness that had been there for a long time. I only noticed however, after I’d pushed myself too far and had a break down at my old job that something was wrong. For others it could be anything- an awful personal event, harsh comments on social media, or sometimes just not having someone to talk to that leads them to a dark place. It makes my heart hurt to even begin to think of the people who may not be as fortunate as I was to have someone to help them through their struggle. Help the people around you, if you notice something is wrong, try to love them through it have patience. I don’t care if we hardly even know each other, but please talk to me if you feel you have no one else to talk to. I hope Robin Williams’ death is perceived as less, “WHO WILL PLAY ROBIN WILLIAMS IN HIS BIOPIC?!!!?” and MORE about the reality that ANYONE can succumb to mental illness, and EVERYONE needs support, love and encouragement. I truly hope Robin Williams has found peace.

I have love in my heart for all who might read this, thank you for letting me share a very personal part of my story with you.” 

Genie-RobinGenie, you’re free.

Photo: via Academy of Arts and Sciences/Twitter

RIP, Mr. Williams. You will be so missed.







To Russia with an ‘LOL! No’: Wentworth Miller Sets ‘Em Straight

Say what?!
Say what?!

I’m starting to think that Russia lives in a bona fide dream world, the real-life embodiment of the ubiquitous sno-globe. Somehow, they seem to think that their harsh and disgusting human rights violations against their LGBTQ citizens will have nary an effect on how the world sees/treats them. Pause and shake your head at that irony, folks! It’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

Cue the written “voice” of one Wentworth Miller. You may remember him from things such as Prison Break and, let’s be real, quite a few of your fantasies. The man is beautiful, well-spoken, and…gay. Apparently, this wasn’t much of a secret as it was something a number of people had suspected over the years. In fact, there was more shock over his 41 yrs of age (he must drink the same virgin’s blood as Johnny Depp) and exactly how he chose to “come out” i.e. make his sexual orientation wide-spread knowledge rather than speculation.

Russia, specifically the St. Petersburg International Film Festival, extended an invitation to the Brit  to be a “guest of honor” during the fest which runs from Sept. 13th to the 22nd. Wentworth, with a class the Russian government would do well to emulate, wrote an open letter with a clear and emphatic response:

“…as a gay man, I must decline.”



He continues on to note that, despite being part Russian himself, he “cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly”.

Lawwwwwwd. I don’t know about you but I can smell the singed flesh of that burn from here! We may have Russia attempting to behave as if everything were peachy keen but Wentworth is having none of it! To the point of revealing an aspect of his life that he’d, before now, fiercely guarded. And, truly, if there’s ever a reason to officially out oneself, doing it to bring even more attention to a country’s ass-backward policies regarding a significant number of their population is 100% worth it.

Mom Punches Skateboarder For Skating Into Her Kid At Skatepark


via 1077TheEnd

Okay.  Let’s all get into a circle and have a chat after you watch the video of a skater dude accidentally knocking down a little kid. I’ll wait.

So. What say you?  Here’s my problem, I’m actually torn! I remember all too well being the hot-headed single mom who would do ANYTHING to stick up for my boys. If anybody fucked with them, it was game ON.  I wasn’t terribly popular amongst most of the faculty members, particularly once the boys hit high school, but I stand by everything I ever did on their behalf.

Here’s where this skateboarding incident gets tricky. SkaterBoy was skating at a skate park. The little boy who was knocked over by SkaterBoy was running loose at a skate park.  The woman who initially picked up the child wasn’t his mother. MamaBear came stomping over from a distance after the accidental smack-down.  The child looked to be about 6, don’t you think? I never…and I mean NEVER let my kids roam around a park of any kind with me shadowing them, so this is where it gets fuzzy for me.

Firstly, SkaterBoy didn’t knock the kid down purposefully. In his best skaterese, he asked, “you all right, dude?” to the crying child. (That’s far more politeness than you’ll see at the MAC counter when a Limited Edition lipstick goes on sale, believe me.) Then here comes MamaBear from clear across the park, fists clenched, yelling “you hit my son??” over and over, shoves SkaterBoy then DECKS him! Daaaayummmm!

Part of me was all, “HELL YEAH! Look at MamaBear defending her baby!“, but then common sense took over. (See aging isn’t as shitty as I make it out to be! Yes it is.) My sons are now grown-ass men. They both still skateboard. Alex takes his five year old son to the skate park stays right with him, teaching him the ropes and etiquette of skating. If it’s too crowded, they leave for Felix’s safety. 

Now that I’ve put it all into words, I am siding with SkaterBoy.  That kid came out of nowhere, (didn’t have a skateboard!) or a parent right there with him. MamaBear? You went too far and were a crappy example to your kid. Nicely handled. (Eyeroll…)