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Taylor Swift As Disney’s Rapunzel – Also A Dirty Toddler?

We GET It, Taylor.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Here’s moon-face Taylor Swift “pretending” to be Rapunzel for that Disney campaign.  You  know, the one Annie Liebovitz does every year?  I’m pretty sure  this is simply a candid of Taylor’s lair where she plots and pines over Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Corey Monteith, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, That English Kid From That Boyband, Bradley Cooper (who laughed in her face at the Golden Globes) and whomever is next on her list.

But let’s get to the REAL story here.  I had a dream last night (STAY WITH ME!!) that Taylor Swift was wandering around my house in a long, flowing dress while I CHASED AFTER HER, CONSTANTLY WIPING HER FACE AND CALLING HER “A DIRTY TODDLER”.  I know, right?? The hell?


Oh–and there was a big, fat wiener dog under foot while I tended to Taylor’s dirty face.

[Headed off to for an explanation.]

Answer:  “Sorry, there are no matches for your request.”  


COOP-WEGER? Aniston = Epic Fail Once Again.

The high school “hand in back pocket”
move proves it, right?
I am coveting Renee’s Loubs.

File this under the category of: “As if I CARE”. The only item in the revelation that Renee (Pinchy Face) Zellweger and Bradley Cooper (from “He’s Just Not That Into Aniston” and “The Aniston Hangover”), are seemingly an item, is that Chiniston is again, so very, very ALONE, while Bradley and Renee are kissing in a cathedral in Barcelona, Spain.

Will Bradley still want to kiss Renee once she packs on the chub for another meaty “Bridget Jones” film? We’ll see about that.

I Like this Dude a Little More Now.


Oh, look at that darling little chubby dork. He’s smiling and doing his level best in this school photo. I actually love that RYAN SEACREST brought this photo while guesting on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” last week.

Let’s hear it for the dorks, ya’ll. God knows I have some lovely pictures from junior high when I was shaving my eyebrows. Hey, it was all the rage, right?