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President Obama Wins Re-Election


It was a stressful and tense night, but vaginas everywhere rejoiced as President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term. The news came around 11:10 p.m. est that he won the state of OHIO and the major news networks announced that he had won the Presidential race. He celebrated on Twitter with his official account retweeting this picture of the Prez and Michelle Obama embracing. It just so happens to be the most retweeted tweet from him, and probably of the night.

As cheers erupted from the crowd at Obama’s HQ in Chicago, the speakers blastedHow You Like Me Now” by The Heavy. A perfect f*** you to Mitt Romney‘s campaign, if you ask me.

Speaking of Mittens, he doesn’t want to concede Ohio just yet. Let it go, Mittens. LET IT GO!

Thank you, President Obama!

Song Of The Day: ‘Voice Yr Choice’ By The Go! Team

Air Force One and POTUS

Today is Election Day and we here at DiC hope you exercise your right to vote and Voice Yr Choice!” The songs isn’t about voting, or anything really, but  we’re going to pretend the line “I’m shaking up the underground/Cause I’m willing and able to break it down” is about President Barack Obama.


This track, and many others from The Go! Team‘s album “Rolling Blackouts are great for an Election Day playlist.



Anything to help you survive those long voting lines.