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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart ADOPT! (A Boxer Puppy!)


Don’t you hate it when bloggers post a dumb item with a completely misleading headline? Me, too.   AnyDARLING.  Looks like JLo and her third child boyfriend, Casper Smart have adopted a baby boxer pup named “Bear”.


JLo’s Baby Boxer, Bear

 Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart’s Puppy, Bear (Twitter)

Bear’s mighty precious.  Hey–LOTS of cool folks have or have had boxers (COUGH DivaJulia and SilverFox COUGH).

Here’s our boy, James the One-Eyed Boxer!


Photo by: Luna Azul – Dog Hair Don’t Care, Irvine, CA 


Check it out!

Lauren Bacall with her (and Bogey’s) Boxers


Humphrey Bogart
Billie Holiday
Nat King Cole
Benji Madden
Rocky Marciano
Charlton Heston
Pablo Picasso
Sylvester Stallone
Carroll O’Connor
Robin Williams
George Clooney
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Flea (musician)

Let’s not forget Justin Timberlake’s boxers, Buckley and Brennan!  

JT with B&B!


Little DOLLIES!!  

So, congrats to JLo–she has great taste in dogs!

Happy Halloween From Dipped in Cream! Doggies In Costumes!

I’m not one of those gals who dresses their dogs up for Halloween–mainly because I believe they would conspire and kill me in my sleep. I sure did find some awesome pictures of very cute and tolerant (read: ASHAMED) pups in costumes.


Poor wiener dog.
Gang of Frenchies
Oh, HELL no. My whippet wouldn’t go for this. Like, at ALL. (Thanks, Dawn!)
Push-faced dogs seem to be the most tortured at Halloween.
Sam, the “Pretentious Illiterate” German Shorthair
Creeeep-eeee Pug-Spider
Listen. He’s doing his level best to get that crane situation under control in NYC.
A Squirrel-Corgi Mix. (For Ree-Ree)
Is this racist?
This will never NOT be funny.

This last one actually scared me.