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Foo Fighters And Heart ‘Kick It Out’ On The Late Show With David Letterman – TURN THIS UP LOUD


Do you get goosebumps when you hear music that is beyond thrilling? I do, and let me tell you–I had goosebumps all the way up to my hair last night after watching Seattle’s own HEART  (Ann and Nancy Wilson) brrrrrinnnng it hard with “Kick It Out” on The Late Show With David Letterman.


Watch it til the very end…after Ann and Nancy kick everyone’s ass into orbit, Dave Letterman damn-near loses his mind. It’s awesome.

If you aren’t aware by now, Foo Fighters are Dave’s guest band every single night this week, and Dave Grohl’s HBO mini-series “Sonic Highways” is premiering Friday, October 17. DVR the crap outta this thing–here’s the trailer!

Honestly. I love Dave Grohl so bad. Hey–wanna see something funny? Watch this:

Listening to Dave Grohl talk about music and his parents…then discuss more music and his own kids, is more than great. It’s delightful.

David Letterman Gives Touching, Funny Tribute to Robin Williams (Video)



Leave it to Dave to give the BEST tribute to his friend of 38 years, Robin Williams last night on The Late Show With David Letterman. Dave gave a lovely personal, sweet yet funny remembrance of the man who made all of the now great comedians shake in their sneakers at The Comedy Store in Hollywood back in the 1970s, when they were all hungry to get a laugh or two.

Richard Pryor, Mitzi Shore, David Letterman and Robin Williams At the Comedy Store in Hollywood

Dave’s acknowledgement of Robin’s impact on the world–and on him personally is really worth the few minutes for you to watch…


Photos/Videos via YouTube/CBS/WorldWidePants

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of Letterman’s first show back after the horrors of 9/11. He made us all feel a little more united as a country by being the first late night host to return to his TV desk, and successfully talked us through our collective pain. If you have forgotten how emotionally moving Dave’s monologue was that night, I’m going to post it now. David Letterman is also one of a kind.



God Bless Robin Williams and may you finally feel peace, and thank you David Letterman, for being YOU.