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Got A Minute? We Need To Have A Chat.



I’m aware that I’ve been a complete dud lately in terms of writing for my blog, Dipped In Cream. It all started with the Newtown, CT shooting.  Suddenly I felt like writing about Bieber or Paltrow was just lame…but then it snowballed. (You don’t have to say it: I realize I did manage to write about David Bowie on occasion and nearly turned this into a Bowie Blog.) Speaking of, this song hit a chord with me: Afraid by David Bowie. And don’t just scroll through it; LISTEN to it. You might really get it.


But I’m not done here. Not by a long shot. I do want to start by thanking my darling Brittani ~ The Girl You Want (who goes by @Bleakey on Twitter) for being incredibly consistent and funny with her posts. (I’ll wait while you applaud my genius Contributing Editor.) Roger Ebert used the word, GENIUS with regard to Brittani, if you’ll recall!



So, what exactly is my deal?  I feel like I’ve been having some weird-ass kind of writer’s block. I simply won’t post something here if I can’t put my personality and opinion into it, in order  just get “hits”.

In fact, I have several big projects I’m supposed to be working on, and I can’t get the words right. (Tim and James–I’m talking about you two), as well as my writing duties for The Beauty Stop. I can’t believe I haven’t been fired–thank you, Allie. You’re amazing.

I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?



Thank you all for sticking with Dipped in Cream. I’m trying my level best to get back on the horse.


Oh, AnnE Hathaway – Just Another Reason I Can’t Stand You


Leaving the plastic surgeon’s office, AnnE?


With the Oscars just a few weeks away, you can bet that all the nominees are headed for chemical peels, Botox injection, ass-fat injections and whatever else they inject their heads with right about now. But at least those other people have the decency to HIDE from the public.

Look at AnnE Hathaway up there, all Michael Jackson-y.  Lord, she bugs me. Like, under my skin-type of bugs.  The word “INSUFFERABLE” always comes to mind when I have to look at her, or write about her.


I’m willing to wager that she got that fancy face scarf at the Beverly Hills Equine Tack Boutique.


Chris Brown Quits Twitter After Vulgar Rant Aimed At Comedy Writer Jenny Johnson

Breezy–always a kind word for the ladies, right Jenny?

Photo: GettyImages/Twitter/Huffpo

Here we go.  Another Twitter War.  ‘Tis the Season, after all, my babies.  Thankfully, I follow Jenny Johnson on Twitter, and we were privy to the bitchery via JJ’s timeline:  Let’s read through the fancy words together as a class, shall we?  As is the protocol when reading a Twitter War, one must scroll DOWN to the BEGINNING…and READ UP.  Okay. Go.


Chris Brown’s tender, heartfelt words never fail to cause a single tear to fall down my cheek.

Honestly.  He’ll be back to further inform Team Breezy how misunderstood he is. Uh huh.  He will.

Bless his heart.