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Happy Birthday 50th Brad Pitt! ‘DIPPED IN CREAM’ GIVEAWAY!

Oh, J.D.
Oh, J.D.


Our beloved Hayseed has hit the big 5-0! The versatile actor, and professional good-looking person, has been a part of some of DiC‘s favorite films, including ‘Fight Club’, ‘Se7en’ and ‘True Romance.’ Currently, he can be seen in the critically acclaimed ‘12 Years A Slave,’ a film he produced and helped bring to the big screen, as Samuel Bass. The film has been raking up numerous awards and nominations, so we can expect to see him and fiancee Angelina Jolie on the major red carpets next year.

Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden

Here are some of our favorite moments and photos of him throughout the years. Happy B-day, Brad! Take a good, hard look.

Early Grayce
Early Grayce

“Eaeeeeerlaaay? D’juhlak mah haaayerrr?” – A-Dele, played by Juliette Lewis. Class-SICK.

Brad as FLOYD in ”True Romance’


Oh, hey, BRAD'S 50!!
Oh, hey, BRAD’S 50!!


What’s YOUR favorite film with Brad in it–whether it’s a small, but meaty role. or his his name is above the title–TELL US!! We’ll choose a winner~if you are convincing enough! Aaaaand go!



Tell us in the COMMENTS SECTION at the comments section on the right of this piece right here on Dipped in Cream! Good Luck! Maybe YOU will be drink your coffee, tea, ANYTHING is this awesome hold and cold drinks!

Dipped in Cream’s BITCHFACE CONTEST Photos!

Queen Bitchface
Work of Fine Art-Bitchface

 Mr. and Mrs. Bitchface

Angry Baby boy-“bratface”  (awwww)


Gorgeous Snooty European-Bitchface

Fellow (hilarious) blogger (who needs to
quit down-playing her good looks)-Bitchface

Lord, just wait another 10 years, if you
think this is bad-Bratface

Smoking, Pseudo Euro-Trash-Bitchface
Aww HELL NO-Bitchface

 Perfect lighting crew follows her around,
 icy blue eyes-Bitchface

Wow, you guys. These are awesome. Guess what?
You all win!!!
Email me with your address, and I’ll let you know personally when your prize is being shipped.
I LOVE my Bitches!!