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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Causing A Stir On Harper’s Bazaar China Cover

What’s the problem?

I’m usually the first one out of the gate to make a snotty remark about the Sarah, Jessica and Parker Stables, but I don’t really see anything terribly wrong with the Chinese cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spring Edition.

It also looks like we’ll get a peek inside of her fancy Tribeca Stable Loft, as well as some of SJP’s favorite choices in exclusive hoof-wear by the very talented Iris Scheiferstein.

In fact, we found a few pair of Iris’s handiwork right off the runway racetrack…take a look, won’t you?

The White Front-Zip Hoof Bootie

 And your everyday shoe/hoof/bootie is everyone’s favorite, right?

Fantastic, really.

Hold on to your riding hats, because you will rear UP when you see the exquisite Tribeca Stables for Sarah, Jessica and Parker.

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

The life of an aging Sex and the City old gray mare is pretty fabulous, isn’t it?

Gaaaaaah. FINE. Here’s the REAL magazine cover that the whole world is flipping out over due to the alien-horsification of SJP.


Frankly, we did a more authentic job, thankyouverymuch.

First Trailer for ‘Liz & Dick’

Can you BELIEVE there’s a POSTER for this hot mess?


In “Made For TV Movies I Won’t Be Watching” news, the first trailer for Lifetime‘s “Liz & Dick” premiered, starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as her two-time husband Richard Burton. While Lohan looks NOTHING like Taylor, Bowler makes an okay Burton, but even towards the end of his life, Richard was an attractive guy and I’m seeing none of that here.

You barely hear her in this sneak peek, but she sounds nothing like Liz. Maybe I’m just not old enough to remember that time Taylor had a constant cigarette induced cold. It does highlight Burton and Taylor’s many fights, some of which had to have taken place in a movie trailer or two. That’s the only excuse Lindsay could use as to why she decided to leave a caravan owned by Elizabeth a mess. Maybe the trailer got in her way and didn’t pay attention to her flashing lights. Maybe the trailer told Lindsay that it liked Amanda Bynes‘ movies better.

It was the trailer’s fault. Obviously.

Jenny McCarthy on Playboy’s Double Issue Cover

Jenny turned 40 and is nakey again.

So. Jenny McCarthy is showing us her fab bod again because she’s 40, and feels the need to do so. Good on her, I suppose.

Here’s the thing, I understand she grew out her..ummm, well, pubic hair for the pictorial.   Jenny said she grew it out so “everything” wasn’t on display.  What does this mean for the rest of us?  Is this waaay too personal to discuss here?  All I know is, Jenny McCarthy has absolutely NO SAY in my own personal grooming.  (Isn’t that a Depeche Mode song?)

Give me your thoughts on this…if you wanna.  I know, it’s a weird topic.