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San Diego Comic Con Travels Through the Stones with ‘Outlander’

Now that my keening and wailing at having missed out on yet another San Diego Comic Con has passed, I can tell you that ‘Outlander’ pulled out all the stops at SDCC this year. Even bringing along a “freaking castle!

If it brought me nothing but this picture, it would be enough:

outlander 3


…but there were also SO MANY MEN IN KILTS!!!


outlander 1

…and out:
outlander 4


More importantly there were more glimpses at what is to be when it comes to the show. We got our first look at the opening credits:


As well as a brand new trailer:


Sadly there was also a panel, which I’m still working through my pain at missing. *rending of clothes and much sobbing* Starz, in their infinite wisdom, has put the entire thing up online for our viewing pleasure:


While I couldn’t be there to enjoy all the Outlandishness I can comfort myself with the knowledge that the show is having it’s online premiere this weekend.

I am so ready to pass through the stones and finally get to Jamie…uh I mean watch this sure to be awesome show…yeah that’s what I meant, really…

New York Comic Con 2013: Survival Of The Fittest


photos: Vintage Frenchie from NYCCs past


*deep inhale* Ahhhhh, yes, the sweet scent of geekdom in the air! New York Comic Con aka “Geek Prom” at the illustrious Jacob Javits Center is upon us, where comic/sci-fi/anime/gaming/etc. fandoms the world over will converge to form something of a black hole. Of awesome. How best to describe the experience? Well, to some, the idea is this:

vintage nycc

or this:

vintage cosplay


And, while that is a lot of what goes on, it can sort of feel…hmm. Let me see. Okay! Remember that opening scene from the movie ‘Blade’? The whole “Bloodbath” thing? Here’s a refresher:


THAT’S what it’s like. Every sense is on high alert and your mind is trying to absorb everything at once but it JUST.CAN’T. So here’s my little list of things I deem most important in the quest to enjoy NYCC without feeling too overwhelmed.

1) Pack small, protein-based snacks to keep you going. Not only is con food expensive but having to completely stop your show floor trolling/skip panels because you feel faint is a total buzzkill. My favorites are beef/turkey jerky, M&M Peanuts, trail mix, and granola bars.

2) Grab a significant amount of cash from the ATM before you enter the convention center! Again, you want to cut expense and your time waiting on the endless lines to get more money. For large purchases, 99.99% of booths will accept credit/debit cards, so the cash is mainly for knick-knacks and any con food you do end up buying.

3) Speaking of which, it’s best to resign yourself to the fact that you WILL be spending more money than you’d like. Minimize what you can and just accept it when you end up splurging on things here and there; there are so many geek related items that are easier to acquire at Comic Con than anywhere else. *ONE YEAR, I SCORED THE SOUNDTRACKS TO BOTH ‘LEGEND’ AND THE ORIGINAL ‘FRIGHT NIGHT’. I HADN’T LIVED UNTIL THEN.* Working with a budget helps. So does reminding yourself that this is only once a year.

4) HAVE AN ATTACK PLAN. Listen, I cannot stress this enough. It is stressful as fuck but trust me when I say that having a plan is key to a great con experience. It can be as flexible or concrete as you want but have something to guide you as there is way too much going on in the Jacob Javits Center to go in blind, only to later discover you missed something awesome simply because you didn’t “study” beforehand. Go to the site, check out “My Show Planner”, and get the low-down on any guests/panels/booths you want to hit. You can keep it digital but I, personally, am more tactile i.e. I print my schedule and break out the highlighter. You’re going to save so much angst in the long run.


nycc sched
Wait. You thought I was playing? THIS IS WAR.


5) Bring a water bottle and hydrate accordingly. It’s incredibly easy to dehydrate when you’re walking MILES and talking about shared passions at the same time. Also, all that body heat means you start to feel like a roasted chicken.

6) Pack light in GENERAL. Back to minimizing, take the least you can or the smallest versions of your “must haves”. You can coat/bag check the majority of your things but you still don’t want to be stuck dragging around nonsense items from home when there is serious swag in your future.

7) Stay fresh in every way possible, people. I’m talking Purell, wipes, deodorant,  gum/mints, getting rest, taking vitamins, etc. Think of it as prep for a marathon because that’s essentially what it is. And it’s a marathon filled, to the brim, with a large number of humans in a central location. That means GERMS. Do you want to get lurgy? Didn’t think so.

8) Yo. Do not forget any batteries or chargers you may need. DO NOT. You will only end up having a Darth Vader moment that you’ll be kicking yourself over later. Unless you’re actually dressed as Vader and then, I don’t know, chalk it up to realism? Certainly, some kind and nerdy soul will help if they can, but everyone will be needing to charge their own electronics as well.


This pic? Not mine.


That’s about it, guys! Get dressed up, go in, have fun, rinse, and repeat! I’ll catch ya on the flipside!

P.S. If you have business cards, bring them. Comic Con is a hotbed for networking and you never know who you’ll meet!


Tom Hiddleston Wins the Universe At SDCC

What up? I subjugate people.

Hello! And welcome to this edition of “Frenchie loses her goddamned mind”! In my defense,  I have state that it is not my fault, okay? I’m strictly at the mercy of one Trickster God, as are we all. Please, allow me to explain.

As you may already know, San Diego ComicCon (aka “Geek Mecca”) is currently in full swing. This means that info of the nerdish variety is rapidly flying through the interwebs with the force of punches most likely to be delivered by Wonder Woman. It’s a lot to take in and it hurts, especially for those of us who can’t be there! *Next year, SDCC. I’m coming for you.*

Naturally, a Marvel panel was scheduled for last night (the busiest)  because, are we not civilized human beings? It was to feature updated info on both Thor 2: The Dark World and Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, as well as any other future projects, i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. that Marvel chose to grace us with. But, who would be there?! Some panel guests were already known, such as Chris Evans (Captain America), though there was one in particular that may have been the real and true reasons fans were camping out for Hall H from the night before. Tom Hiddleston. I can’t even begin to document my adoration for this man. Honestly. It’s reached so deeply into my viscera that it defies any and all detailing; it exists as a given.

And Tom Hiddleston IS Loki, the god of mischief. He’s done the breathing into of this character to such an extent that no one will ever be able to top it. In fact, trying could get them killed. It’s not just a fangirl thing, either. It’s a fan thing, period. Hall H was, from all reports, packed to the rafters with eager fans of all genders. Every single person game for a great Marvel panel but hoping with Asgardian might that Tom Hiddleston would somehow manage to show up. I can say now, hours after the occurrence, that our bodies were not ready. 

The screech heard ’round the world but, mostly in California.

via Twitter @empiremagazine

Tom didn’t just pop on in, all casual like. Oh, no! Odin forbid! That would’ve been far too tame for this genius of a man. No. Despite the ridiculous process of donning the Loki costume, he did exactly that and ruled over Hall H. I mean, that is what we’re made for, no?! The screams and cheers that erupted from the audience were positively deafening. And many of us, relying on the power of internet-equipped fans, contributed to that sound in our own respective homes.

Let’s be honest here: I was literally reduced to noises. Words? Those were things I couldn’t form as this magnificent bastard took a spear to my heart AND my ovaries, leaving only a husk behind. For those of you wondering, yes, sobbing in a fetal position is a thing that happened. Now…DOES IT EVEN NEED TO BE STATED THAT WE LOVED IT?! ROLLED AROUND IN IT LIKE THE PROVERBIAL PIGS IN SHIT?! SLATHERED THE EXPERIENCE ON LIKE J-LO DOES WITH LA MER?!  This is what we’re about! Unabashed reveling in this mythical world where all things are possible and where a favorite actor takes time from his busy schedule to give us a mere inkling of how it would be in reality. My vapors, let me show you them to you.

OH. Okay, then. *whimpers*
*Whimpers more quietly*

Some of the moments I found most endearing were how Tom kept peeking out of the facade of Loki. Loki commanded and gloried in his power over the mortals/Midgardians of Hall H while Tom occasionally broke character to giggle in disbelief that he was the driving force behind the “being” responsible for this…rabid reaction. Ryan Penagos (@AgentM on Twitter) first mentioned that Tom had arrived before correcting himself and tweeting: “No, I’m sorry. Loki is here. @twhiddleston is just the vessel.

After several overtly sexual innuendos (this man knows us so well), Hiddleston then commanded that everyone say his (Loki’s) name. Then say it louder. Then louder STILL, before we were gifted with Thor 2 footage and the entirety of the Marvel panel. I’m sorry, guys; all your favorites just lost to a skinny beanpole from the UK.


As was evidenced by Chris Evans’ (Captain America) appearance, we love our heros. Tom Hiddleston’s appearance reminded everyone that we love our villians just a little bit more. Have a watch for yourself:

(Official and edited HD version)


(Raw, pervy, real footage from the thick of it)