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Lady Gaga’s You and I – VIDEO PREMIERE – We Have It!

Go ahead and watch…we’ll chat when the video’s over.

I love Jo Calerdone’s cameo, wherein Gaga basically makes love to herself.  Don’t try to figure out any special meaning behind this video.  Just let it wash over you, admire the clothing and horror or it all.

(Yeah, but “Why are they in a CORNFIELD??”)

Breakdown of “Black Swan” rash and feather effects…

Nina's full transformation...

I know.  Enough with all the swooning over Black Swan, right?  No.  Not gonna happen.

I saw Black Swan again last week and noticed more details, which always happens when we see a film more than once, right?  I came across a cool/fan-girl/geeky video which shows a bit of the CGI involved in some of  Natalie Portman’s character,  Nina’s “transformation”, as well a few other cool scenes.

I haven’t heard from too many of you about this film.  What are your thoughts in general?  (Meaning, how much did you LOVE Black Swan?)

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