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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton SPLIT

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke
Paula Patton and Robin Thicke


I think I need to add a new Category called “No Duh“.  People Magazine is reporting that Robin Thicke and his beautiful wife, actress Paula Patton have separated. The couple have a son, Julian Fuego Thicke, born April 6, 2010.

“We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time,” the couple tell PEOPLE on Monday in an exclusive statement.”

Oh, okaaaaaay. Considering all of the rumors about Thicke cheating on Paula, no one is surprised. No blurred lines here, y’all. Paula? Get it, girl. You deserve better.


I say, gotdaaaayuuum. What kind of dumbass would cheat on THIS talented, intelligent beauty?? I think we’re pretty clear on the answer to that question.

Couples News! Breakups and Babies!

miranda and orlanda


Professional attractive couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have called it quits. A rep confirmed the breakup to E! Online saying,

In a joint statement, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have announced that they have been amicably separated for the past few months,” the rep said. “After six years together, they have recently decided to formalize their.”

The 36-year old actor and 30-year old (does she look 30 to anyone?) Victoria’s Secret supermodel began dating in 2007. They married July of 2010 and Kerr gave birth to their son Flynn in January of 2011. The two will continue to raise him together, and even said they try to still be affectionate around him.


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Bloom is currently starring in a production of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ on Broadway in NYC with Condola Rashad. That’s Clair Huxtable’s daughter. During a recent interview on ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’ he raved about how much he enjoyed kissing Condola on stage. I can’t say I blame him. Orlando joins the “League of Good Looking Single White Guys’ along with Chris Evans, who just broke up with Minka Kelly, and Tom Welling who recently announced a split with his wife. Fall is off to such a good start.

future and ciara


Headed down the aisle are Ciara and her rapper/producer fiance Future. The couple’s rep Chris Chambers confirmed to People that Future, real name Nayvadius Wilburn, surprised Ciara with an engagement ring on her birthday last weekend in New York City. “The ring, which doubled as a special birthday gift, is a beautiful 15-carat emerald cut diamond designed by Avianne & Co,” Chamber disclosed. E! Online got an exclusive look at the ring, which looks pretty big. Though some have said it closely resembles her BFF Kim Kardashian‘s old ring. This will be the first marriage for the pair who began dating a year ago. They collaborated on Ciara’s self-titled fifth album, which was released in July. I wonder if Riccardo Tisci will be making her wedding dress?

jason and olivia

Also engaged, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis will also have to start prepping for a baby. The couple’s rep announced to People that they were “very happy excited to welcome a new member to their family.” Wilde, 29, and Sudeikis, 38, met when Olivia made a guest appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 2011. On Sunday, Wilde tweeted thank yous to fans who congratulated them on their pregnancy. “WOW. You guys are awesome. So kind. Thank you thank you thank you! PS. Babies eat mostly salsa right?” We’re pretty sure they do Olivia, stock up!


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Liam Hemsworth Upgrades From Miley Cyrus To Eiza Gonzalez. Can I Get An “Amen”?!

18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party Ð Inside


In case you haven’t heard already, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are officially and completely donezo. No one cries. Except Miley, obviously, ha!

Okay, I’m not completely heartless, no matter how I seem in regards to Ms. Cyrus. I honestly do feel bad for her as I’m sure the split is her first major heartbreak; we all remember that pain. But, let’s be real, people. Liam moving on to my girl, Eiza Gonzalez, is a 100% upgrade worthy of confetti throwing.


Oh, God, yes.
Oh, God, yes.


I’ve had THE hugest crush on Eiza (read: spent more than a few hours creeping her Instagram account) ever since my mom tried to rope me into watching Amores Verdaderos last year. As far as telenovelas go, it was pretty awful. Not the acting, per se, but whoever wrote the original story (novelas are usually recycled from Latin country to Latin country) decided to throw every single trope in there to create the only mess. I mean, the secret lovechild? Became the adopted mother of her legitimate sister’s own secret lovechild, none of them aware of this until the end. Like…what, what, what?! It was ridiculous, but Eiza was gold as ‘Nikki’, a spoiled rich girl who falls in love with her bodyguard. Her personality off the set is what really attracted me though.


New couple canoodling! LIVE THE DREAM, LIAM!


So, not only is Eiza beautiful and talented, she’s also a total sweetheart and comes off much more mature than Miley. She (Eiza) knows what she wants out of life, continuing to calmly pursue it without making an ass out of herself. Miley, on the other hand, still has a lot of growing up to do which is likely what caused the breakup between her and Liam. Because, if you think about it, not a single one of us is surprised. Good call, Liam!