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Baby News! Blake Lively Pregnant, Kelly Rowland’s Photoshoot, Mila and Ashton Name Their Daughter WHAT?


Blake Lively revealed on her lifestyle website Preserve that she is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds. A message on her website, a slightly less pretentious Goop for slightly less pretentious blondes, reads

We have something for men, for women, for the old, but we realized, we don’t have anything for the new. With family on our mind, we looked to the origin of it all—to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; at the creation of family.”

The post also contained a picture of Blake, photographed by her brother Eric Lively, showing off her little bump. Ryan and Blake married in September of 2011, and since then Lively has said in multiple interviews that she couldn’t wait to start a family. So congrats to the future parents!

elle-01-kelly-rowland-blog elle-02-kelly-rowland-blog

While Blake is only in her first trimester, Kelly Rowland only has a few more weeks ago until her first child, a boy, enters the world. In a revealing photo shoot with Lance Gross for ELLE, she shows off her belly and her still toned body, thanks to workouts with trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

Everybody always tells you to go crazy with food, and you can eat whatever you want. It’s fine to have your cravings but I wanted an easier delivery. All the women that I’ve talked to, that have worked out, have such an easy and speedy delivery. Exercise really helps that,” she says.

She does admit to being obsessed with nachos for a week, but who can blame her! This Rowland’s first child with her husband Tim Witherspoon. The pair married earlier this year in Costa Rica.


Mila Kunis already gave birth, delivering her daughter with Ashton Kutcher on September 30. The proud dad announced on his website that they named her Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher. A source told People that the couple really liked unisex names, and considered other unisex names as well. I wonder if they’ll get together with Jessica Simpson‘s daughter Maxwell for playdates. The couple have been together for two years and announced their engagement in February of this year. Who would have thought that Kelso and Jackie would be getting hitched and making babies in real life?!


Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Are Parents of A Genetically Blessed Child And Are ‘OVER THE MOON’!

Ryan Gosling

Meme via HuffPo

Well, we’re assuming. Actress Eva Mendes gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, on Friday September 12 as confirmed by US Weekly. It’s also first child her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. E!Online is reporting , EVERYONE is (get ready for it…) OVER THE MOOOOON:

“Ryan is very hands on. Changes diapers, rocks her to sleep—they gave her her first bath together and videotaped the whole thing,” an insider tells us.

“Both grandmothers are so in love and have been to the house every day,” our source explained, adding that they’re both helping around the house and cooking.

The famous couple is said to be “blissfully in love” and their newborn baby has only brought them closer together.

A separate source previously told E! News that “Eva is so happy she’s a mom, their baby girl is perfect!”

The insider continued, “She’s so good with kids and has been wanting this a really long time. When she found out she was having a girl, she was freaking out. She kind of wanted a girl deep down, but of course just wants a happy and healthy baby.”



Both have been keeping a pretty low profile this year, and after rumors started to swirl that Mendes was pregnant, especially after rumors started to swirl that she was pregnant. According to E! Online, the pair were both in tears when they saw their daughter for the first time. A source calls their baby “perfect,” and though most newborns tend to look like blobs, we’re going to take their word for it. I mean, look at those two.

Congrats to the happy couple!

RDJ And Susan Are Giving Us A Girl! Yes, It’s Personal.


Most perfect representation of this relationship.
Most perfect representation of this relationship.


I’ve been mildly (read: greatly) obsessed with Robert Downey Jr. since age 6 and I regret nothing. So, naturally, I’m rather invested in his personal life as well as his career. After the long awaited birth of Rubber Ducky’s second child (whose name is Exton Elias, but who we refer to simply as “The Messiah”), it was thought that that was IT. We got Indio from Ducky’s first marriage to Deborah Falconer, “The Messiah” from Susan, and we were going to be content with that. But surprise news was broken by RDJ himself, via Twitter and Instagram, that the Downeys are now expecting a little GIRL this November! Can you hear the people sing?!


True RDJ fashion, amirite?!
True RDJ fashion, amirite?!


Now, Susan Downey (née Levin) is a HBIC producer in her own right. I mean… *figuratively rolls out her IMDB page*; her being the cliffs that RDJ’s waves crash against just makes her even more magical. Like a unicorn. And now we get a baby girl to pair along with The Messiah! So, congrats to the Downey clan for continuing to enrich the future talent gene pool! Mazel Tov!