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‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Celebrates 25th Anniversary With A Box Set – My Head Just Exploded



So, when I named my blog ‘Dipped in Cream‘, I thought I was being super clever and cute. It’s named after my boxer, James. When he was a baby (I never say “puppy“), every morning I would tell him “your toes were dipped in cream! Oh, yes they were! in the most irritating baby talk ever. Naturally, most of you never knew what the eff the blog name meant–and maybe some of you didn’t, until today! I usually got some crass verbal-rib-elbowing about how porn-y the name sounds. I do have a point to all this. Just hold your ponies.

MST3K 25th Anniversary Box Set!


My point IS: I was chatting with Krystal about all these box sets coming out all at one time (big surprise during the holidays, right?) and how we need to make more money.  First Breaking Bad’s million dollar box set, now MST3K: 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set?

Crow, Joel and Tom Servo
Crow, Joel and Tom Servo


Out Tuesday, the five-DVD MST3K: 25th Anniversary Edition set features the films Moon Zero Two,The Day The Earth Froze, The Leech Woman and Gorgo and is packed with extras including the three-part documentary Return To Eden Prairie: 25 Years Of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Life After MST3K: Mary Jo Pehl, Ninth Wonder Of The World: The Making Of Gorgo (MST3K Edition)and Last Flight Of Joel Robinson, plus MST Hour wraps and four exclusive mini-posters by artist Steve Vance. The collectible tin also includes a bonus DVD with a double feature of two long-out-of-print fan-favorite episodes — Joel’s last episode, Mitchell, and Mike’s first episode, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.

HONESTLY. What are we supposed to DO?  The answer is clear. I guess we’ll have to start some sort of illicit activities in order to pay for these goodies, because Lort knows, no one is gonna buy  ’em for us. Maybe one of those awesome phone-lines that advertise at 2 a.m. on Friday nights? Welcome to the Dipped In Cream Whorehouse. (Ew.) Yes. It’s come to this in order to pay for our nerdy-habits. I guess I should inform the other writers.

‘Breaking Bad’ Box Set Now Available For Only $200 – Vince Gilligan Shows Why It’s Totally Worth It



Oh. My. Gyaaaaah.  No. Seriously.  Just look at all the cool crap you get for  $200 when you buy the coveted Breaking Bad Box Set. I just cannot. (And at this price, I probably WILL not…) Nevertheirregardless, let’s listen to our Beloved Creator [of BBVince Gilligan spell it all out for us, shall we?

First of all? Yes, and HELL YES. And that apron?? Good Lort.  But it’s the extras dvd that I’m salivating over. I need to see more bloopers with Bryan and Aaron not being able to hold it together. It makes me all warm and gooey inside. (Ew.) But seriously. It does. I just want to swaddle that barrell up and carry it around like a baby.

So save yourself the hassle of those big stores, parking, throwing elbows and just order it from Amazon. For ME.