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Hannibal Season 2 Production Begins

I don’t know what you’ve been up to this week but I’ve been spending it wishing I could find Bryan Fuller and love him down because his cast and crew are so damned amazing. Let’s go into the how of that, shall we?


Director/Producer Michael Rymer
Director/Producer Michael Rymer be-flowered

Photo: @BryanFuller

Earlier this week, as you can probably guess, Hannibal went into production for Season 2 up in Toronto. Fuck yeah! *fist pump*  This realization may have given me a fit of vapors. What can I say, at least you know you can count on me for these sorts of things! By the by, I hear whispers on the wind i.e. Tumblr that fan gifts will be arriving to the Toronto location directly. Fannibals. Gotta love ’em! And our liege, Bryan, certainly does. In celebration of this momentous occasion, he’s started a mini-project of his own: “Fannibal Gratitude”, in which Bryan bestows flower crowns on any and all Hannibal peeps in thanks for our help in making Season 2 a reality. Then, because he knows the true purpose of the internet, other than porn, he tweets the proof. Added to this are Production team Martha and Dino De Laurentiis teasing us into a frenzy, along with whomever the gorgeous soul is that runs the official Hannibal twitter/tumblr accounts, providing us with endlessly witty tags; I see you too, boo. I mean…c’mon.

THIS MAN. THIS CREW. THIS SHOW. Seriously?! I’ve had less intense (read: satisfying) romantic relationships than the one I have with this show but, you know what? I ain’t mad!

Behold! 'Tis Christmas! Or would that be "Madsmas"?
Behold! ‘Tis Christmas! Or would that be “Madsmas”? Either way, I’m crying about it.

Photo: @BryanFuller

Every TV show has to love their fan base. If for no other reason than because they’re the only way a show will survive. But the Hannibal camp is obviously something altogether different. And this is fitting seeing as how this particular fan base is something altogether different as well. All of this back and forth between the creators and the fans, stemming from the very inception of the show, has created this beautifully synergistic relationship where boundaries are maintained yet interaction between the two factions continues to be both encouraged and enjoyed. Simply put? We bask in each other’s awesome.

Aaron Abrams on the first day of fittings
Aaron Abrams on the first day of fittings

Photo: @neoprod (Martha De Laurentiis)

I’ve truly never seen anything like this and, if I have, it’s never been to such a degree where everyone notices i.e. people on the outside looking in at what’s happening. Producers/Directors/Writers/Actors/etc. taking an active role in directly responding to fan questions, giving unexpected “fan service” without straying from the nature of the show, displaying legitimate appreciation for their (fan) fervency and all that it’s wrought? THAT’S doing it right. THAT’S ensuring that we feel valued and will keep coming back for more. THAT’S making us pay more attention than most television viewers would during a hiatus, effectively continuing to spread the word and remain in the forefront of our collective consciousness. For our dedication, fans are being gifted with the sense of going through production with the crew. WHO ELSE DOES THIS?!

Serial Killer Couture, y'all.
Serial Killer Couture, y’all.

Photo: @neoprod (Martha De Laurentiis)

I’m not sure if our luck is due to all the key players having been in the entertainment industry as long as they have, or if it’s more to do with the types of people who’d so wonderfully bring this literary world to life. I’m veering more towards the latter though. They’ve been around the block more than a few times, but every single person involved in the creation of this show seems overtly, strikingly passionate about it more so than one would expect. They just get it. So, in thanks to THEIR thanks…Thanks!

To Russia with an ‘LOL! No’: Wentworth Miller Sets ‘Em Straight

Say what?!
Say what?!

I’m starting to think that Russia lives in a bona fide dream world, the real-life embodiment of the ubiquitous sno-globe. Somehow, they seem to think that their harsh and disgusting human rights violations against their LGBTQ citizens will have nary an effect on how the world sees/treats them. Pause and shake your head at that irony, folks! It’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

Cue the written “voice” of one Wentworth Miller. You may remember him from things such as Prison Break and, let’s be real, quite a few of your fantasies. The man is beautiful, well-spoken, and…gay. Apparently, this wasn’t much of a secret as it was something a number of people had suspected over the years. In fact, there was more shock over his 41 yrs of age (he must drink the same virgin’s blood as Johnny Depp) and exactly how he chose to “come out” i.e. make his sexual orientation wide-spread knowledge rather than speculation.

Russia, specifically the St. Petersburg International Film Festival, extended an invitation to the Brit  to be a “guest of honor” during the fest which runs from Sept. 13th to the 22nd. Wentworth, with a class the Russian government would do well to emulate, wrote an open letter with a clear and emphatic response:

“…as a gay man, I must decline.”



He continues on to note that, despite being part Russian himself, he “cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly”.

Lawwwwwwd. I don’t know about you but I can smell the singed flesh of that burn from here! We may have Russia attempting to behave as if everything were peachy keen but Wentworth is having none of it! To the point of revealing an aspect of his life that he’d, before now, fiercely guarded. And, truly, if there’s ever a reason to officially out oneself, doing it to bring even more attention to a country’s ass-backward policies regarding a significant number of their population is 100% worth it.

Brad Pitt For Esquire Magazine’s June/July Issue


Brad Pitt and I have something in common, we can’t remember people. Even if we went to school together, or have met a couple of times, I can never seem to recall people’s names. It’s an odd “problem” to share with a celeb, but hey I’ll take it. Pitt explains in the upcoming issue of Esquire that he’s not trying to be rude, he just doesn’t remember who you are.

So many people hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them,” he says. “So I swear to God, I took one year where I just said, This year, I’m just going to cop to it and say to people, ‘Okay, where did we meet?’ But it just got worse. People were more offended. Every now and then, someone will give me context, and I’ll say, ‘Thank you for helping me.’ But I piss more people off. You get this thing, like, ‘You’re being egotistical. You’re being conceited.’ But it’s a mystery to me, man. I can’t grasp a face and yet I come from such a design/aesthetic point of view. I am going to get it tested.”

Oh Brad, you can not remember me anytime. In the interview he also talks about his family with longtime partner Angelina Jolie, saying that “I haven’t known life to be happier.” This is his first published interview since Jolie revealed that she had a double mastectomy.


You can read the rest of the interview, where Brad also discusses zombies and slacking off when the issue hits newsstands May 31st. You can check out what happened when photographer Max Vadukul gave Pitt control of a Hasselblad camera here.