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‘First Kiss’ – Beautiful Video For Wren Fall 2014



via: Wren Fall 14 – First Kiss Video


Wren, a Los Angeles based womenswear brand founded in 2007 by Melissa Coker, commissioned short filmmaker, Tatia Pilieve, and together asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time for their Fall14 collection.

With music by French singer and actress, Soko, ‘we might be dead tomorrow’ – this video project showcases the beauty of a ‘First Kiss. The couples’ reactions ranged from giddy excitement, nervous hesitation, adorable cautiousness, “…I’ll just follow your lead”, to sexy curiosity, etc.



I had to have watched this video more than 20 times, wrapped up in fascination; it’s an innocent voyeurism to be sure, but I bet the video will make anyone want to go grab someone for a smooch!  I genuinely hope the couple at the 2:06 mark got together afterward, their chemistry was amazing!

On Twitter, PLEASE follow @wrenstudio, video by @tati_p, music by @soKothecat; and the lovely @Zeezerizer is the woman in that steamy pair at 2:06 (the one that hilariously asks, “what’s your name again?”)! I dare you not to love this, watch #FirstKissVideo and get it trending…and also? Take a moment to look at the chic clothing Wren has to offer on their website! Dipped in Cream LOVES Wren!

New Nine Inch Nails, ‘Came Back Haunted’

Alright kids, it’s here! Nine Inch Nails is back with a new single, and a release date for the long awaited follow up to ‘The Slip.’ 

Came Back Haunted” is a return to the original NIN sound, with pulsating beats and isn’t “the experimental material that Trent’s done in the last five years,” a source who got to hear the song before we did, told L.A.’s KROQ radio station.

Well I liked the experimental stuff, but it’s always good to go back to your roots. The single officially premiered at 2:30 pm on Thursday, but hit the web late Wednesday night because this is the internet and things of this importance can’t wait!

NIN’s official twitter revealed the name of the new album, ‘Hesitation Marks,’ on Wednesday. The album will be released on September 5 via Capitol Records. So we have that to look forward to.

What do you guys think of the new song?

The New Pope Better Not Steal David Bowie’s Thunder On Tuesday When ‘The Next Day’ Drops In the U.S.


I tell ya what.  I want March 12, 2013 to be All Bowie All Bloody Day in celebration of the long-awaited release of The Next Day.  


“Ashes to ash and funk to funky…”


I’m not interested in a bunch of old dudes in red hats and cloaks scurrying around all giggly like a bunch of 7th grade goons who have a big, fat secret that will relish lording over our heads.


Bowie’s Numbuh ONE, Bruv.


It’s Bowie Day. It’s Bowie Week. It’s Bowie Year… and it’s my time to scurry around in giggle like a 7th grader, so just MOOOOOOVE OVERRRRR.

Yep, I think the only way I’d have any interest if we were suddenly given yet another gift:

Ah yes. The Shroud of Bowie…
“May I ask, where might my Pope Hat be? I’m dressed but I do need my red Prada slippers?”


Let’s just GO with Papa Bowie.