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Radio Soulwax (RSWX) Presents ‘DAVE’ – Homage To David Bowie


As I crept around Facebook today, I came across this incredible post by the folks who handle the Official David Bowie Facebook Page.  It seems the High Holy Bowie Facebook Diocese [I made that up] fully approve and LOVE the Radio Soulwax film “DAVE“.


The film element is by Wim Reygaert, and its protagonist is Dave – a character with more than a passing resemblance to David Bowie, and played by the Belgian model Hannelore Knuts.

According to a press release, it’s “a fever dream about his life and career. Reality gets mixed up with stories and elements from his music and lyrics in a way that is only possible in films. In the dream, Dave is a private eye who can travel through time. His mission is to track down and exterminate all other versions of himself. If he fails, the world as he knows it will cease to exist.”

RSWX presents Dave from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

“Our homage to the man whose ability to change whilst remaining himself has been a massive influence on us. There are many legends in the music industry but for us, there is no greater than the mighty Dave. We’ve included all things Bowie, whether that is original songs, covers, backing vocals, production work or reworks we made, to attempt to give you the full scope of the man’s genius.

For the visual side to this mix our friend Wim Reygaert (who also made the amazing film for Into The Vortex) came up with the most ambitious film for RSWX, taking us on a fever dream time travel through the man’s career starring the amazing Hannelore Knuts as Dave. We’ve got to extend a special thank you to the cast and crew and everyone involved for putting so much time and energy and heart and soul into this amazing film, it is a pure labour of love for the phenomenon that is Bowie.


The team here at DB FB HQ were in attendance last night and we absolutely loved this hugely sexy production. The music alone was extremely well done with some breathtaking moments during the segues between songs…The overlap between “Heroes” into Absolute Beginners springs to mind.

Bowie was played by the gorgeous Hannelore Knuts, who probably made half the audience as confused about their sexuality as David Bowie did the other half!

The film itself was very cleverly conceived with time travel as its basic construct and beautifully shot with lots of knowing nods to Bowie related things that the casual fan might not have got. The Beep Beep lady from Fashion dispensing the time travel anti sickness pills anyone?
The screening concluded with a Q&A with the Soulwax boys and director Wim Reygaert, hosted by George Lamb.

Though it’s obvious who the characters populating DAVE are meant to be, we took the opportunity to ask Wim who the ever-changing girl with Bowie through much of the film represented. He explained that she was the embodiment of all of the women throughout Bowie’s life and career and was a metaphor for desire.

We spoke with Soulwax afterwards, lovely chaps and clearly massive Bowie fans. They told us they have enough material for another hour of music but had obvious time constraints when making the film. They were heartbroken about the stuff they had to leave out.”

You can watch DAVE by downloading the excellent RADIO SOULWAX app for iPhone / iPad / android or watch online here

Tell us what you think of this delightfully strange piece of work!

Christina Aguilera Performs ‘Beautiful’ For Hurricane Sandy Benefit (Or was it Peggy Lee?)

Christina Aguilera

Photo: NBC

I love hearing Christina saaaang.  She performed her lovely hit “Beautiful” for the televised “Coming Together” Benefit for Victims of Hurricane Sandy.


Speaking of old, blonde broads, raise your hand if you think Christina should play Peggy Lee in a fabulous biopic?  I KNOW, right?? Why the HELL aren’t I a casting agent? Watch this vintage video from The Dean Martin Show, where Miss Lee gives us a lovely rendition of her melancholy classic, “Is That All There Is?”…



I’d like to leave you with the image of a skinny little 3rd grader with freckles in a navy blue mini sweater- dress, with a saucy little belt, navy tights and red patent leather Mary Janes singing “Is That All There Is? ” her best friend, Susan Hackbarth, just to make her cry with laughter.  That little dork was me.  I’d hold an imaginary highball glass and a Fanny Farmer chocolate ciggie in one hand, then slur my words into my hairbrush…”lets break out the booooooze.”  Memories.  Seems I never stopped doing my old act, right Cyndy?  Only those times I was covering Miss Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” right smack in the middle of our office.

One more thing: This post was written entirely while under the deep influence of Ambien. And. It. Shows.

What were we talking about?