Britney Spears – New Video For ‘Work B**ch’, B**ches!

You wanna Lamburrginny? Oh, Brintey!
You wanna Lamburrginny? Oh, Brintey!


Britney Spears dropped the music video for her new single “Work Bitch” on Tuesday night. Spears looks the best she has in a couple of years, actually dancing and as our Ana pointed out, being sexy without being naked. There is another thing you can’t help but notice in the video, there’s a lot of product placement.

It’s not uncommon for artists to put the latest thing they’re shilling into their videos, and Britney is no stranger to it herself, but it was almost too obvious here. The glittery bottle of her new fragrance ‘Fantasy Twist’ sits on her vanity, the Beats Pill speaker used as a gag in some girl’s mouth. Spears has always done a god job of promoting herself, and does so with a rooftop party in full view of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino sign in Las Vegas. If you hadn’t heard, Spears will start a two-year residency there on December 27.

So what do you think of Britney’s new vid? Does it make you wanna work, or take a nap on the couch?

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