Best Super Bowl Commercials – Dipped In Cream’s Favorites

Audi and the Doberhuahua
Audi and the Doberhuahua

The commercials for this year’s Super Bowl were pretty much on par with the game. I appreciate that no one went for gross or offensive, even the usually crass GoDaddy. A number of trailers made their debut, including ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and Darren Aronofsky‘s epic ‘Noah.’ I think the worst commercial has to go to Soda Stream. It was 20 seconds that I’m sure Scarlett Johansson wishes she could get back. Her payday wasn’t worth her severing ties with Oxfam and looking like a huge hypocrite.

Maserati ‘Strike’ One of the first big commercials of the night, the luxury car company hired ‘Beasts of The Southern Wild’ star, and Academy Award nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis to narrate and star in this ad. Powerful and emotional, it made me wish I had the money to buy one of these new Ghiblis.


Cheerios ‘Gracie’ Remember last year when folks got mad at Cheerios’ super cute ad featuring an interracial couple and their offspring caused a ruckus with idiots? Well, they brought the family back to show how you can tell a child that they are going to be a big sister or brother, and a new pet owner.

Radio Shack ‘The Phone Call’ Radio Shack decided to take a jab at themselves this year and gave us some serious 80s and 90s nostalgia. Mary Lou RettonHulk HoganKid n Play and was that Slim Goodbody I spotted? It was definitely the most fun commercial of the night and the only one that really made me laugh.

H&M ‘Beckham For H&M’ It’s David Beckham in, and out, of his underwear. Here’s to this becoming a staple of Super Bowls for years to come.

Toyota ‘No Room For Boring’ The Muppets have a new movie coming out and Toyota has a new Highlander, so why not promote them together. The gang hijacks Terry Crews‘ car on their way to the big game but it turns out to be a fantasy. Or was it?

Audi ‘Doberhuahua’ In strange contrast to a bunch of dudes in tight pants hitting each other, you could have watched kittens and puppies rolling around with each other. Which is what helped make this hilarious ad from Audi so great. Sarah Mclachlan getting attacked on her couch was especially funny.

Jaguar ‘British Villians Rendezvous’ Jaguar aired it’s first Super Bowl commercial by featuring some of films’ best British bad guys. Sir Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong, who I didn’t even know was a Brit, are menacing in their own ways, but didn’t you just want to have a cup of tea with everyone’s boyfriend Tom Hiddleston?
Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ For a beer company, Budweiser sure knows how to pull at our heartstrings. This year a puppy makes a big friend he just can’t stay away from.


Coca-Cola ‘It’s Beautiful’ This really was a beautiful commercial, showing how diverse our Country has become with “America The Beautiful” being sung in different languages. Of course it managed to piss off some of those “real amurrikans” so that makes me appreciate it even more. It was also the first Super Bowl commercial to feature a gay couple.

What was YOUR favorite commercial, or did the GAME keep more interested?

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  1. I liked the Coke and the Doritos time machine and wrangler commercials. Those are the only ones that stuck with me. I did like the Bud spot with the puppy too but I saw that on facebook. Pretty forgettable commercials this year, for me.