Amy Winehouse performs “Valerie” with Mark Ronson in London

Amy? Waaaay. Too. BIG.

At least she’s trying to sing again.  Amy Winehouse is looking healthier than she has in ages, but daaayum girl. You went WAY too far with them boobies, mmkay?  Yikes.  No wonder she always wearing ballet slippers so she doesn’t tip right OVAH.  But hold UP.


Check out the Louboutins Amy was wearing on her way to perform with Mark Ronson!  I love how she’s hoarking up ciggie phlegm here, too.  Nice touch.


via ONTD:

“Amy Winehouse,showing off her new breasts, surprised clubgoers at Mark Ronson’s show at the 100 Club in London on Tuesday night (July 6). After throwing back a beer with her pal, the troubled star slurred her way through “Valerie.” Amy is prepping a new studio album, forming a supergroup with The Roots’ ?uestlove, and collaborating with Ronson on a song for Quincy Jones’ tribute album Q: Soul Bossa Nostra.  Watch her return to the stage below.”

If Amy can get her crap together and work with Mark again, we could have another masterpiece like Back to Black.  Well, maybe that’s asking too much, but we’d all love some new Amy and Mark, right?

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