American Idol results, Who Went Home?

idol kristen


American Idol’ had it’s first big results show of the season, with the Top 13 being cut down to 12. Before the singers learned their fate, they got together for a group performance of Imagine Dragons‘ “Radioactive” and OneRepublic‘s “Counting Stars.” Unfortunately, Kendrick Lamar wasn’t on hand to beat some paint covered drums, but for a partially pre-recorded performance, it was alright.


There were also performances from Jake Bugg, who did sing “Me and You” specifically for Keith Urban, and last year’s winner, Candice Glover, who performed “Cry” and “Some Kinda Man” from her new album, ‘Music Speaks.’ Randy Jackson assumed the role of mentor for the show, taking over for Jimmy Iovine and being way less harsh on the contestants. He assessments were mostly right, with Malaya WatsonMK Nobilette and Kristen O’Connor ending up in the Bottom 3. Of the three, I think MK has the most potential, while Malaya might need to ditch those braces. So Kristen was sent home with the judges, or two of them, not wanting to use the Save for her. I can’t say it’s that much of a loss.

Do you think the voters got it right? And what do you think about the Facebook photos of the people that voted for her being shown on the big screen as she sung her swan song? Let us know!

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