American Idol results, The Show’s Pitch Problem and Who Was Sent Home




For Wednesday night’s live episode, the Top 12 had to sing songs that reminded them of Home. I wasn’t able to watch each performer, but the ones I did catch left me wondering if the show needed to go back and find some new contestants. I get that some of them might not be comfortable on stage just yet, but isn’t that what all these coaches and advisers are there for?

Idol‘ winner Phillip Phillips returned to perform his latest, “Raging Fire,” which the judges were all really into. He also sort of humblebragged about being on a first name basis with The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. This was much better than the awkward group sing-a-long of his hit “Home” that happened at the beginning of the show. Half of it was shot on a camera phone, and the audience did a lot of off beat clapping. What the hell is going on with this show?

On Wednesday night, the usually good Jess Meuse hit a sour note while singing Dido‘s “White Flag,” and it started an argument between the judges about Harry Connick Jr‘s comment to her. Either you sing in key, or you sing the words right. She did neither, and it seems like none of them want to, or think singing off key is cute, as evidence by the conversation they had at dinner. Perhaps Randy Jackson needs to slide back out to the judges’ table to throw out some “pitchy dawgs” because they aren’t getting it.

Which brings us to the eliminated contestant, Emily Piriz. She was in the Bottom 3 with MK Nobilette and Jena Irene. Emily did an energetic version of “Let’s Get Loud” that might have only been enjoyed by Jennifer Lopez. I don’t think that performance was bad enough to send her home, but the song she sang for a save, “Stars” was. Flat and pitchy, I’d say the voters made the right choice.

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  1. Someone needs to poke this show with a fork. It is done! They have lost their way. Its whole purpose now is just to show how much better The Voice is.