‘American Idol’ Is Back!

Keith, Jenny and Harry! (Oh, yeah. And Seacrest.)
Keith, Jenny and Harry!
(Oh, yeah. And Seacrest.)


I can’t say it’s better than ever just yet, but time will tell. I actually enjoyed the first two hours of the Season 13 premiere. There were some promising contestants, but the real stars of the show are the judges. And this time, it’s a good thing.


Returning to the judges table are Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. Joining them is Harry Connick, Jr. who has been a mentor to contestants in past seasons. The dynamic between the three is on point, which means less time throwing shade and more time being cute with each other and the people auditioning. The first batch singers to get their golden tickets to Hollywood came from Boston, for the second hour they hit up Austin, Texas for talent.

A lovely girl by the name of Marrialle Sellers who surprised the judges, and me, by doing an acoustic version of Bruno Mars‘ “Grenade.” She got three instant yeses, and was the first of many hopefuls to play the guitar. So there’s a chance this season will actually feature some really talented singers. Or maybe the show is looking for another Phillip Phillips. And while mostly everyone was good, the second dude, who also got a yes, just had to break out some half-assed twerking.

Producers promised that we wouldn’t see too many of the wacky contestants, though one guy was kind of hilarious and another girl showed up in her cheerleading uniform. It’s a return to the focus being on the singers, and it’s so welcomed.

Some other standout singers included Shanon Wilson, a big guy with a big voice. I was afraid his high notes were going to break my tv. Stephanie Hanvey moved the judges, and was one of the many who came to see JLo. Savion Wright, a cute kid with dreads who told the judges he felt like he needed to wait until he was more creative to audition. Now was the right time.


It was also the right time for Munfarid Zaidi, who ended up in arry’s arms while singing. The sob stories were at a minimum and I noticed that there weren’t a lot of Country performers. I mean, how many more can there possible be?! With the exception of his voice-overs, there wasn’t much of Ryan Seacrest either, thank God. So i’m already looking forward to what the rest of the season has in store.

The most exciting thing is that we’ll be getting more of Jennifer’s outfits! So, are you tuning in to ‘American Idol’ this season, or are you all sung out?

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