American Horror Story Recap, ‘The Replacements’


Photos via FX

This week’s episode was a hodge podge of murder, beastiality and incest. Yes, you read that right. Never one for subtlety, Ryan Murphy and crew delivered another all out gross episode that still managed to further the story. We found out who the next Supreme is, and why the rift between Fiona and Marie is going to get even more personal.



Misty has healed Kyle, but she’s not ready to let him go just yet. As Zoe takes him out of her shack, she spins like she’s getting ready to turn into Wonder Woman. I think they’re overdoing the whole Stevie Nicks thing just a bit. Zoe takes Kyle back to his mother Alicia, who before Zoe had called to talk to her was getting ready to hang herself. Pretty soon we wish that Zoe had never picked up the phone. Alicia embraces her dead son and later welcomes him home with sex. Uggghhhhh. We barely knew Kyle when he was alive, so it would have been nice to know that he was happy to be in college because he was away from her, then they could have sprung this on us. Alicia knows something is wrong with Kyle, but she’s still into him, because uggghhhh! Despite knowing that his body is different, and that oh yeah, he died, she attempts to have sex with him again but he attacks her and beats her head in with a trophy. Later, Zoe discovers her body and Kyle covered in blood.



At the mansion, Fiona has given Delphine a new job, the school’s maid. Queenie especially enjoys this, calling her “slave” and making Delphine prepare her dinner. Out of the corner of her eye, LaLaurie spots the houseboy she turned into a minotaur sneaking around the house. Queenie tells her to hide while she distracts him outside. She tells him that they’re the same, beasts that just wanted to be loved, and then she has the minotaur take her virginity. I’m not entirely sure where to start on how effed up this is. Obviously he was sent to the school to kill LaLaurie by Marie, but now that Queenie has been with him, does that mean she’s in danger, too?




Fiona flashes back to 1971, when she first learned that she was the next Supreme witch from her mentor Anna Lee. When the elder Supreme is nearing the end of her life, her powers are transferred into her protege. Because she couldn’t wait for this to happen, the young Fiona kills Anna Lee by slashing her throat. In the present, Fiona is diagnosed with Cancer and realizes that Madison is the next Supreme because she has become more powerful. After a girl’s night out, Fiona tells Madison about her destiny, which clearly she isn’t mature enough to accept. When Fiona tries to give her some old, sacred knife, they fight and Fiona slashes her throat, in the same spot that she killed Anna Lee. She then instructs the butler to “bury her deep” in the garden. “This coven doesn’t need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug.” So cold, Fiona.

The fact that girls have no adult supervision means more trouble. A franken-boyfriend, that minotaur and the noisy, religious neighbor, (played by Patti LuPone), I’m sure Fiona will deal with it in her own way but the bodies are piling up fast. Cordelia is too busy dealing her with infertility issues to actually teach, and while she’s still just there, I do appreciate that her story line includes Marie. Though I still hate it that we only get to see Angela Bassett once during each episode. Marie can perform a a ritual that would guarantee Cordelia a baby, but she won’t do it because she’s Fiona’s daughter. As powerful as they are, it’s unfortunate that the witches can’t cure their human problems.

And because no one merely dies on this show, Madison will definitely return with a vengeance. At least she got to die in a pretty dress.

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