‘American Horror Story – Coven’ Recap, ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’

American Horror Story The Coven
American Horror Story
The Coven


American Horror Story’s Halloween episode was again brought the crazy, and gave us some insight into the rift between the witches and their voodoo counterparts. Fiona has been up to no Goode for some time now, and we learn that she’ll do anything to have power, even if it means killing a couple of people along the way.



I’m glad that the show addressed that no one is watching over these girls. One girl was assaulted by a half man half bull, and another one is missing. Fiona and Cordelia tend to Queenie after she mated with the minotaur, and send it’s severed head to Marie at her beauty salon. Flashback to Marie and former Supreme Anna-Lee calling a truce back in the 70s, not long before Fiona killed her. When the witch’s council comes to Fiona to ask about Anna-Lee whereabouts she basically insinuates that Marie had something to do with her disappearance.



Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. In the present, The Council was called by Nan to investigate the possible death of Madison, as she cannot hear her thoughts anymore. The head of the Council, Myrtle (Francis Conroy) is on to Fiona and automatically suspects that she has killed again.

Myrtle and Fiona have been rivals since they were young witches at Miss Robichaux’s. The young Myrtle devised a plan to enchant the butler Spalding’s tongue so that when he went before The Council he would only tell the truth about Fiona. Serving a bunch of witches, I’m sure Spalding was on to her, and she didn’t count on him being so loyal to Fiona. Later that night he cuts out his own tongue to protect Fiona, answering the question of why we haven’t heard any witty quips from Denis O’Hare so far. In the present, Spalding again lies for Fiona to cover Madison’s death, angering Myrtle. We also see that instead of burying Madison’s body like he was told, he has kept her preserved in his little room. Tea parties haven’t been this creepy since the 2008 election.



While we, and Fiona, were lead to believe that Madison was the next Supreme, Cordelia informs everyone that she had a heart murmur. A Supreme witch can only be a healthy witch, so who is it? At a bar, Fiona presses Cordelia for who the next Supreme is, and tells her that her husband Hank “reeks of bulls***.” I knew there was something off about that guy. While he’s away on a business trip, he has an affair with a woman he met online (Alexandra Breckenridge) and ends their tryst with a shot to the head. Even the way Hank kills people is boring as hell. I hope Fiona does away with him. He’ll have to come home to a possibly blind, and definitely disfigured wife. When Cordelia is in the bathroom at he bar, a shrouded woman approaches her and throws acid in her face. Payback from Marie, or do the witches have another threat to deal with?

There was a little bit of Zoe and her Frankenboyfriend, who ran off into the night on Halloween before she could kill him with rat poison. Maybe the next time we see him he’ll be chased out of town by people with pitchforks. As another act of revenge, Marie raises the dead, including Delphine’s three daughters, creep their way to Miss Robichaux’s. With Fiona preoccupied and Cordelia sightless, how will the younger witches fight off those zombies?

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