2010 MTV Europe Music Awards, Pics and List of Winners (VIDEO)

So MTV held yet another pointless awards show, this time it was their Europe Music Awards.  The show was held in Madrid, Spain at Caja Magica and was hosted by Eva Longoria (why??).

Eva Longoria, working her best Victoria Beckham pose/outfit/expression...
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brand
30 Seconds to Mars, posing HARD.
Ke$ha, looking not all that fresh...
Miley Cyrus, looking rather ladylike.
Really, Slash? Tacky as ever.

Presenters included Miley Cyrus, Kid Rock, last year’s host Katy Perry and performer Shakira. The biggest winner of the night was Lady Gaga, no surprise there.

List of Winners

Best New Act: Ke$ha

Best Pop: Lady Gaga

Best Alternative: Paramore

Global Icon Award: Bon Jovi

Best Video: Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg, “California Gurls”

Best Male: Justin Beiber

Best Live Act: Linkin Park

Best Hip Hop: Eminem

Best World Stage Performance: Tokio Hotel

Best Rock: 30 Seconds To Mars

Best Female: Lady Gaga

Best Song: Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

Best Push Act: Justin Beiber

Best European Act: Marco Mengoni

Apparently, some actual European acts did win.

THIS child...

The performances weren’t anything special. Miley jangled her way through her new song “Who Owns My Heart.”  I don’t know, but girl, you obviously don’t own pants.

Katy, as a Solid Gold dancer...too bad she actually SANG.

Katy Perry wailed through “Firework.” I expect nothing but the worst form her.  She delivered!

RiRi - very colorful, at least.

Rihanna was the “Only Girl (In The World.” She looked cute. Moving on…

Yo, yo Kanye--don't hog the spotlight from Jared Leto, mmmkay?

Kanye showed up to perform with 30 Seconds To Mars.  Strange pairing, but it worked!

And maybe we saved the best photo for last?

Oh dear Lord, Ke$ha.


2 Responses to 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards, Pics and List of Winners (VIDEO)

  1. I had so much to say about this earlier this afternoon but its 9:00 pm now and I’ve lost my mojo. Let me just say it was a hot mess. Katy was horrible live and I have no clue what that backwards head piece was all about. Ke$ha sang OLD music rather than promo the new. Poor Rihanna sings terrible live but at least she cuts good recorded songs, right?

    Miley really bugged me with her gum line, wide hips, bad posture and that weird thing she does with leaning her head to one side like she’s gotdamned Axl Rose.

    I had more, trust me. Kbye

    • PB: I laughed so HARD at this…LAWD KNOWS you had more in you earlier. Thank goodness for @halfbrown for fixin’ my mess up in here.

      When DOESN’T Miley’s gum-line bug? Katy CANNOT sing live. Ke$ha is NARST and RiRi is getting tired.

      xoxo j