True Blood Recap, ‘Lost Cause’


Ain’t no party like a Sookie Stackhouse party, cause it usually ends in sex. We were treated to two sex scenes this episode, one of which was long overdue for a certain character. Away from Bon Temps, Eric and Pam close in on Sarah Newlin while another vamp gets infected.



Pam And Eric Do Dallas: Willa was understandably upset that Eric turned her, then peaced out, leaving her to fend for herself. He and Pam need her to help them find Sarah, she was thisclose to being her step-mother. Willa wants out though, so she agrees to give up info on Sarah if Eric releases her as his progeny. Turns out that Sarah has a vampire sister, and may be headed back to Texas. As they ready to leave, Ginger demands they take her with them, or she gets to finally have sex with Eric. The fact that she’s only been manually and orally servicing him all these years does seem a little unfair, but her desperation even while Eric is infected wasn’t all that sexy.

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Derek Jeter Takes A Bow During His Final MLB All-Star Game


New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter appeared in his last All-Star game on Tuesday night, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. He played his first All-Star game back in 1998 when he was only 24, from there he became one of the most revered, and highest paid, athletes in sports. He will end his professional baseball career this year with 20 seasons under his belt, and though he hasn’t played his last game as a Yankee yet, the tributes are already pouring in.Continue Reading

RDJ And Susan Are Giving Us A Girl! Yes, It’s Personal.


Most perfect representation of this relationship.
Most perfect representation of this relationship.


I’ve been mildly (read: greatly) obsessed with Robert Downey Jr. since age 6 and I regret nothing. So, naturally, I’m rather invested in his personal life as well as his career. After the long awaited birth of Rubber Ducky’s second child (whose name is Exton Elias, but who we refer to simply as “The Messiah”), it was thought that that was IT. We got Indio from Ducky’s first marriage to Deborah Falconer, “The Messiah” from Susan, and we were going to be content with that. But surprise news was broken by RDJ himself, via Twitter and Instagram, that the Downeys are now expecting a little GIRL this November! Can you hear the people sing?!


True RDJ fashion, amirite?!
True RDJ fashion, amirite?!


Now, Susan Downey (née Levin) is a HBIC producer in her own right. I mean… *figuratively rolls out her IMDB page*; her being the cliffs that RDJ’s waves crash against just makes her even more magical. Like a unicorn. And now we get a baby girl to pair along with The Messiah! So, congrats to the Downey clan for continuing to enrich the future talent gene pool! Mazel Tov!