Courtney Love Discusses Casting For Kurt Cobain Biopic

Courtney Love At 'Grey Seminar' At the 2014 Cannes Lions


I know EXACTLY who Courtney is talking about when she told The Philippine Daily Enquirer that she’s been ruminating over whom she would like to see play her late husband Kurt Cobain in the upcoming biopic about the Nirvana frontman.

“Love and her team are apparently considering demo reels submitted by actors who want to play Cobain in a film, with hopes of beginning production “within the next year”. “[It] was really tough because these boys are so pretty, so cute,” she told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “I won’t name names because I don’t want to jinx it for anyone but these are 25-year-olds who are blond, gorgeous and the new Brad Pitts … Some are really good actors, not just pretty faces.” “


I’ll just come right out with it: Charlie Hunnman. Why, you ask? Remember that Courtney has signed on to play a pre-school teacher on Sons of Anarchy next season? I’m pretty sure that has involved some sniffing around of Charlie on Courtney’s part. He might not be 25 years old, but surely he can play Kurt. Charlie does have the “young Brad Pitt” look about him, doesn’t he?


I’ll admit it it if I’m wrong…but this all seems to add up nicely, don’t you think?

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Trailer…Ugh.




It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Or, you know, not. The first official trailer for the clusterfuck that will be ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ (aka ‘Fifty Shades Of IDK How To Write Decent BDSM Erotica So I’m Going To Steal Someone Else’s Idea And Write A Crap Version Of It’) – starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson – dropped earlier this morning. Woo. If you’re completely unaware of what my alternate title for the book/movie means, allow me to enlighten you.

*cracks the spine of an imaginary storybook* Like a lot of things in fandom these days, this all has to do with fanfiction. Back when was the only place for central fiction posting, before the site shot themselves in the foot w/the banning of NC-17 fic, anything based on ‘Twilight’ was all the rage. In fact, the only reason I even got into the hot mess that is Twi is because the caliber of fic coming from that fandom was A+. Writers were taking these base, 2D characters and giving them genuine depth, creating worlds so involving that they disgraced the source material.




Tara Sue Me (pen name) wrote the incredible Submissive trilogy, containing ‘The Submissive’‘The Dominant’, and ‘The Training’, excellent titles giving a beautiful view of a true BDSM relationship. Then E.L. James decided to hijack the idea AFTER Tara’s writing got popular, wrote a pathetic version of it that was fairly abusive, and “pulled to publish” before anyone could blink.

It’s amazing to look back and realize that the thievery drama a bunch of us witnessed in real time apparently means diddly squat because a) 99% of the public is clueless about it, and b) the rest don’t give a shit since it’s fanfic which means it’s stolen anyway, right? Wrong. But that’s…a discussion for another time. I’m just trying to let y’all know the real deal and explain why, any time ‘Fifty Shades Of Go Fuck Yourself’ comes up in conversation, my ire is courted. Also, I sigh. A lot.




FYI, Tara Sue Me eventually pulled to publish as well though, of course, she’s now considered to be riding the coattails of James’ ‘Fifty’ fame. As stated in the headline, “UGHHHHHHHHH”. People, people, please. Consider this your wake-up call and READ BETTER WRITTEN EROTICA. If you’ve read ‘Fifty Shades Of Are You Kidding Me’, please read Tara’s Submissive trilogy and experience the difference. And don’t ever fall for thinking that the person who’s doing it loudest did it first or better.

That all being said? Trailer time! Here’s to hoping the film improves upon James’ series because the trailer doesn’t look half bad. Or maybe I’m just being lulled by the Beyonce track? *shrug*  Drool over Jamie Dornan as it’s the least you can do. All the drama aside, I’m likely going to end up seeing this film. Drunk and judgmental, yes, but seeing it all the same. Whether I’ll be paying for it is up for debate.

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ is slated for release on Valentine’s Day, 2015. 

True Blood Recap, ‘Lost Cause’


Ain’t no party like a Sookie Stackhouse party, cause it usually ends in sex. We were treated to two sex scenes this episode, one of which was long overdue for a certain character. Away from Bon Temps, Eric and Pam close in on Sarah Newlin while another vamp gets infected.



Pam And Eric Do Dallas: Willa was understandably upset that Eric turned her, then peaced out, leaving her to fend for herself. He and Pam need her to help them find Sarah, she was thisclose to being her step-mother. Willa wants out though, so she agrees to give up info on Sarah if Eric releases her as his progeny. Turns out that Sarah has a vampire sister, and may be headed back to Texas. As they ready to leave, Ginger demands they take her with them, or she gets to finally have sex with Eric. The fact that she’s only been manually and orally servicing him all these years does seem a little unfair, but her desperation even while Eric is infected wasn’t all that sexy.

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